News Release, St. Mary’s County Public Information Office

Leonardtown, MD – St. Clement’s Island Museum and Piney Point Lighthouse Museum, local museums are overseen by the St. Mary’s County Museum Division, recently joined over a thousand other institutions across the country as members of the North American Reciprocal Museum Association (NARM). The organization is one of the largest reciprocal membership organizations in the world.

NARM is an affiliation program that connects arts, cultural, and historical institutions along with botanical gardens, children’s museums, science and technology centers and more that offer their individual NARM qualified members reciprocal benefits.

Individuals who join a participating NARM institution can receive reciprocal benefits such as free admission and shop discounts at all other NARM-affiliated locations. Joining the Friends of the St. Clement’s Island and Piney Point Museums at the Heritage level ($125) allows you to take advantage of member benefits at these locations, which includes 17 institutions in Maryland, 23 in Virginia and 14 in Washington D.C.

“We already offer so many amazing benefits to Friends members who have generously chosen to support our museums and historic sites,” says Amber Puschinsky, Fundraising Coordinator for the Friends of St. Clement’s Island & Piney Point Museums. “I’m beyond excited that we will be able to essentially offer 1,000 more places for our members to explore.”

Those interested in joining the Friends of St. Clement’s Island & Piney Point Museums should contact Amber Puschinsky at or call 301-769-2222. For more information about NARM, please visit

To find out more about events and programs at St. Clement’s Island Museum and Piney Point Lighthouse Museum, please visit or

The St. Mary’s County Museum Division was established by the Commissioners of St. Mary’s County to collect, preserve, research and interpret the historic sites and artifacts which illustrate the natural and cultural histories of St. Mary’s County and the Potomac River. With this as its charter, the Museum Division serves as a resource, liaison and community advocate for all St. Mary’s County public and private cultural assets.

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