News Release, Charles County Public Schools

Middle school students netted time in gyms last month for a volleyball tournament.

The seventh-grade tournament was Jan. 28 with boys playing at La Plata High School and girls squaring off at Henry E. Lackey High School. Eighth graders played two days later on Jan. 30, with boys at La Plata and girls at Lackey.

The following are the results of the tournament:

Eighth-grade girls

  • Milton M. Somers Middle School, first place;  
  • Piccowaxen Middle School, second place;
  • John Hanson Middle School, third place;
  • Matthew Henson Middle School, fourth place;
  • Mattawoman Middle School, fifth place;
  • Benjamin Stoddert Middle School, sixth place;
  • General Smallwood Middle School, seventh place; and
  • Theodore G. Davis Middle School, eighth place.

Eighth-grade boys

  • Piccowaxen, first place;
  • Somers, second place;
  • Mattawoman, third place;
  • Smallwood, fourth place;
  • Davis, fifth place;
  • Henson, sixth place; and
  • Hanson, seventh place.

Seventh-grade girls

  • Somers, first place;
  • Piccowaxen, second place;
  • Hanson, third place;
  • Smallwood, fourth place;  
  • Henson, fifth place;
  • Davis, sixth place;
  • Mattawoman, seventh place; and  
  • Stoddert, eighth place.

Seventh-grade boys

  • Piccowaxen, first place;
  • Somers, second place;
  • Henson, third place;
  • Davis, fourth place;
  • Mattawoman, fifth place; and
  • Hanson, sixth place.

Stoddert did not compete in the eighth- and seventh-grade boys’ tournament and Smallwood did not compete in the seventh-grade boys’ tournament. There was a three-way tie for first place in the seventh-grade boys’ division. For placing purposes and awards, organizers use a tiebreaker to determine placement.

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