News Release, St. Mary’s Arts Council

Our Sunday Spotlight is shining brightly on Jenn Dorsey!

Jenn is a versatile photographer who often works in stealth mode, making her way through events and concerts while capturing the hearts and souls of local musicians and their fans.

She also enjoys seeking unique scenery out in nature with her best friend and pup by the name of “Balto”. Find Jenn’s colorful and vibrant images on Facebook at “Dingus Has A Camera” and also on Instagram @badwolf1515.

We also have a secret to announce soon which has to do with cute fluffy little kittens, awesome art, a supply drive for a local animal rescue group, and a very special event that we are planning for May 1st at our Gallery & Gift Shop.

Announcements about our upcoming “The Cat’s Meow” exhibit will be made on our Facebook page and also at in the near future!

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

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