La Plata Police Department Acquires Mobile Surveillance Unit to Provide Extra Security in Parking Lots and Public Events.

Courtesy of the La Plata Police Department

Technology in the surveillance industry has evolved markedly in the past few years. While once tied to fixed cameras and CCTV systems, mobile surveillance equipment now allows business owners and Police to cheaply and easily monitor their businesses, worksites and large public gatherings with capabilities not available before.

The La Plata Police Department acquired a mobile surveillance unit (MSU) to be deployed in local parking lots, transit facilities, and during large public gatherings. The trailer has four operating cameras for 360-degree coverage.

This is just a video of Mobile units, not necessarily what La Plata has.

These cameras deliver HD images from the trailer can be monitored by officers in the field or in the office. They can be upgraded and equipped with features such as motion detection, license plate capture, thermal cameras, and 360-degree pan/tilt/zoom functionality. These high qualities and versatile cameras can become the extra set of eyes that law enforcement needs to watch over high crime areas.

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

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