News Release, St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff Tim Cameron proudly presented the men and women of the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office awards for the fourth quarter of 2019 for professional excellence on Wednesday.

Sheriff Tim Cameron and Deputy Michael Graves

Deputy of the Quarter:
Deputy Michael Graves was named the Deputy of the Quarter for 2019 for making several Controlled Dangerous Substances arrests, including the recovery of a loaded handgun from a convicted felon during a CDS, stop in December. “Deputy Graves is not only a hardworking policeman, but he has solid common sense, is dependable and never hesitates to take on more complicated assignments,” Capt. David Yingling, Commander of the Patrol Division, said.

Corrections Officer of the Quarter:

Sheriff Tim Cameron and CO Brandon Reynolds

Corrections Officer Brandon Reynolds was named as the Corrections Officer of the Quarter for his preparation and coordination of the St. Mary’s Splash event in December which raised more than $25,000 for Special Olympics.

Civilian of the Quarter:

Sheriff Tim Cameron and Mary Ross

Mary Ross, a part-time Fingerprint Technician, was named as the Civilian of the Quarter for her customer service and work assisting the Sheriff’s Office Crime Lab. In the fourth quarter, Ross completed more than 400 fingerprint appointments as well as the labor-intensive work of validating Crime Lab records.

Sheriff’s Salutes:

Sheriff Tim Cameron and James O’Neill

Crime Analyst James O’Neill was saluted for identifying a burglary suspect which resulted in the stolen property being returned to the victims.

Sheriff Tim Cameron and Deputy Bianca Salas

Deputy Bianca Salas and Cpl. Brian Connelly (not pictured) were saluted for their response to a motor vehicle collision in November. The woman involved in the accident said the deputies were “absolutely wonderful” in their response. 

Sheriff Tim Cameron with Laura DeNeale and Glenda Thompson

Glenda Thompson, Laura DeNeale and Cheryl Chalk (not pictured) were saluted for their holiday decorations of the lobby and offices of the St. Mary’s County Detention and Rehabilitation Center. Thompson was also saluted for her coordination of the Sheriff’s Office employee Christmas party. 

Sheriff Tim Cameron and Frances Gunn

Frances Gunn, Corrections Division Senior Administrative Coordinator, was saluted for her continued pleasant demeanor, even temperament, and her work ethic and professionalism. 

Sheriff Tim Cameron, Lt. Bonnie Payne and CFC Earl Young

Lt. Bonnie Payne, Cpl. Sebije Boyd (not pictured) and CFC Earl Young were saluted for their support and volunteer efforts toward fundraising events such as the Oyster Festival, Cover the Cruiser and St. Mary’s Splash events. 

Sheriff Tim Cameron and CO Alexander Mueller

Corrections Officer Alexander Mueller was saluted for his attention to detail which prevented an inmate from hoarding medication. 

Jodi Irwin, June Smith (not pictured), Deputy Matt McDonough, Cpl. Tim Snyder, Ernie Stephens, William Gray and Michael Licausi (not pictured) were saluted for their planning and coordination of Civilian Training Day.

Also saluted were Sgt. Patrick Britt for intercepting potentially dangerous contraband from entering the detention center; Cpl. Mickey Adkins for his work detecting fraudulent urine samples at the detention center; Cpl. Patrick Handy for his arrest of a man with a felony warrant and Cpl. Michael Worrey for his identification of a local suspect in several crimes in Virginia.


DFC Carl Ball was commended for his arrest of a suspect in December that had a 25-year span of burglaries and thefts.

Cpl. Ryan Goodwin and Cpl. Luis Ramos Dompenciel were commended for their interception of contraband at the detention center in November.

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