News Release, Charles County Public Schools

The Board of Education at its March 10 meeting honored five Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) staff members for their commitment to the school system and student success. Each month, the Board honors staff members chosen by their school principals who demonstrate a commitment to teaching and learning.

Honored were Corrin Deavers, Lauren Goldsmith, Jessica Roberts, Gunnery Sgt. Samyra Rogers and Teresa Schinasi.

Staff group – The Board of Education at its March 10 meeting honored five Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) staff members for their commitment to teaching and learning. Honored, from left, were Lauren Goldsmith, second-grade teacher, J.C. Parks Elementary School; Jessica Roberts, science teacher, Malcolm Elementary School; Teresa Schinasi, fourth-grade teacher, Dr. James Craik Elementary School; Corrin Deavers, reading resource teacher, Benjamin Stoddert Middle School; and Gunnery Sgt. Samyra Rogers, Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (MCJROTC) instructor, St. Charles High School. The Board each month honors staff members selected by their principal for recognition.

Deavers is the reading resource teacher at Benjamin Stoddert Middle School. She has worked at Stoddert for more than 10 years and helped to transform the school’s reading intervention program. Deavers has helped several students achieve academic gains by creating customized support plans. She uses data to drive interventions and is dedicated to progress monitoring. Deavers models these processes for other Stoddert teachers to demonstrate how differentiated instruction can reach all levels of learners. She is committed to building strong readers and writers and helps to write the curriculum. Deavers oversees reading and writing workshops in all grade levels and completes all required benchmark assessments. As a member of the Stoddert instructional leadership team, Deavers oversees professional development sessions for teachers and shares strategies to reach all learners. Stoddert Principal Erica Williams said Deavers is an asset to the school community. “For over 10 years, Mrs. Deavers has been dedicated to building strong readers and writers. She constantly promotes success for all teachers. She holds teachers accountable while showing both compassion and dedication while working with our teachers,” Williams wrote in a nomination letter.

Goldsmith is a second-grade teacher at J.C. Parks Elementary School. She has been teaching with CCPS for the past 16 years, all of which she has spent teaching at Parks. Goldsmith has taught second-, third- and fifth-grade classes, and supports her students in all of their endeavors. Her classroom is fun and exciting and Goldsmith’s students are eager to be in her class each day. She holds high expectations for her students and provides positive praise and encouragement. Goldsmith helps her colleagues as well by sharing best practices for classroom management, how to use the Class DoJo system and provides other instructional assistance. Goldsmith mentors new teachers and helps them set up their classrooms during new teacher orientation week. She is a go-to resource for schoolwide professional development assistance and is known as an expert in modeling positive classroom structures for students. Goldsmith offered to teach fifth grade one year so she could ensure the students had a positive final year of elementary school. Parks Principal Greg Miller said Goldsmith is a role model teacher. “Lauren and a colleague taught third grade. They came to me at the end of the school year and asked if they could teach fifth grade so the students could have a great fifth-grade year. I can’t even begin to tell you how her selfless act helped to turn around those students, that grade, and the whole climate of the school,” Miller wrote in a nomination statement.

Roberts is a science teacher at Malcolm Elementary School. She is committed to the success of her students and pushes them to do their best. Her lesson plans are fun and students are excited about her class each day. Her hands-on lessons have turned science into a favorite subject for many Malcolm students. Roberts spends a lot of time planning lessons to ensure they meet learning standards and objectives. Several students at Malcolm have opted to complete an optional science fair project because of Roberts’ encouragement in the classroom. She uses technology to engage students and hosts other teachers in her classroom to demonstrate the best instructional strategies. Roberts mentors others and helps new teachers with classroom management. She is kind, nurturing and passionate about teaching science. Malcolm Principal Mary Finneran said Roberts is inspiring. “She is a veteran teacher but new to science. If one were to go into her class, they would never know that. She plans very well thought out, hands-on lessons that the students enjoy, which has turned science into a favorite subject for many who never really appreciated it before,” Finneran wrote in a nomination statement.

Rogers is the instructor for the Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (MCJROTC) program at St. Charles High School. She is a leader within the program and sponsors several competitive student teams at the county, state, and national levels. She helps with fundraisers and community events and supports other St. Charles activities such as performing arts and sports events. Rogers forges positive relationships with students that help maximize their efforts in the classroom and school community. Each year, she spearheads the Cheltenham Cemetery wreath-laying ceremony for the MCJROTC students. This school year, Rogers and her students laid 14,000 wreaths at the cemetery. Under Rogers’ leadership, the MCJROTC program at St. Charles has received exemplary remarks from the ROTC Marine Corps headquarters during the annual inspection. When St. Charles first opened in 2014, there were 130 cadets in the MCJROTC program. Rogers has helped to grow the program to include more than 250 cadets. She ensures all cadets demonstrate excellence, both inside the classroom and in the community. “As an instructor, Gunnery Sgt. Rogers ensures that students demonstrate excellence. Whether cadets are visiting veterans’ homes, performing in competitions, or lining up for daily inspection, Gunnery Sgt. Rogers wants to leave a lasting impression. She puts in the time and effort for the program to succeed and does so without hesitation,” St. Charles Principal Richard Conley wrote in a nomination statement.

Schinasi is a fourth-grade teacher at Dr. James Craik Elementary School. She has been teaching at Craik for the past seven years and formerly taught in New York. She has taught across different grade levels and has high expectations for students. Schinasi shares her love for learning with her students. She believes that if she can teach students how to love learning, then she has done her job. Schinasi believes all students can learn to read, write and solve math problems. Last year, she piloted a hybrid math class and taught two grade-levels of math with her students. Her students value her positive attitude, kindness, and work hard to achieve success. Schinasi loves to read and write and launched a newspaper club this year for students. The club has published multiple issues of the school Tiger News and students are enjoying working on the paper. Schinasi has also coached the school math team and is a tutor for students in need of extra support. Craik Principal Michelle Beckwith said Schinasi is a phenomenal teacher. “Ms. Schinasi has high expectations for herself and students, communicates effectively with others and eagerly 3 accepts new challenges and tasks. I appreciate her enthusiasm to continue to strive for excellence in and out of the classroom,” Beckwith wrote in a nomination statement.

The Board each month honors CCPS students and staff members selected by their principal for recognition.