SMADC plans ‘virtual’ Buy Local Challenge Week promotion of
Southern Maryland’s farms and food. 

News Release, Southern Maryland Agricultural Development Commission

The Southern MarylandAgricultural Development Commission, (SMADC), a division of the Tri-County Council for Southern Maryland, haspostponedthe 2020 Annual Buy Local Challenge Celebrationuntil July 2021. The eventwas to be held onMonday, July27,2020at Serenity FarminBenedict, Charles County.

The decisionto postpone the event wasreachedby mutual agreement of theBuy Local Challenge(BLC)Celebrationplanning team,which includesSMADC’s director and staff, representatives fromCharles County Economic Developmentand Tourism offices,and event co-hosts the Robinson family ofSerenity Farm, Inc.

“We decided to cancel the Celebration due to the continuing uncertainty going forward regarding large public gatherings as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and, most importantly, to safeguard the health of our farm hosts, guests and vendors,” explained Shelby Watson-Hampton, SMADC’s director.“Weare particularly sensitive to the suffering of many families and businesses at this difficult time and feel, under the current circumstances,that cancellation is the best course of action for all concerned. As the eventtakes many months to plan, we would be actively engaging with farmers and vendors during this time to set up a large event several months from now, and we feel that is not appropriate given the circumstances.”

“The SMADCteam is united intheircommitment to holding the best Buy Local ChallengeWeek that they can, under the current circumstances,” said Watson-Hampton,“We look forward to sharing all that Southern Maryland has to offer.” SMADC staff willre-focustheir effortsto buy local via online resourcesto encouragesupportoflocal farms and producers during this year’s BuyLocal Challenge Week,(July 19-26, 2020).

TheannualBuy Local Challenge Week, alwaysthe last full week of July,will bepromoted and enhanced to provide the latest information on where consumers can findand buyfarm products.BLC Week plans includeadynamic and engagingsuiteof online materials to be enjoyed and shared, includingcontests,farmer interviews, virtual farm tours, online cooking demonstrations,as well as resources and guides tofarm stands, farmers’ markets andlocal stores that offer locally produced foods and beverages.

For more information on Buy Local Challenge Week, and forthcoming BLC Celebrations, visit, and visit the SMADC website at for the latest region-wide directories and resources to find Southern Maryland farms and food. 

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

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