Southern Maryland surpasses 600 cases, with 24 deaths

By: David M. Higgins II, Publisher

Southern Maryland- For the past several weeks, all of the county’s health departments and the State of Maryland Health Department update the daily numbers concerning COVID-19. During those times organizations and individuals are sharing the same info, but what does it all mean?

Daily numbers can tell us what happened the previous day, but with it being shown dozens of times in your newsfeed, you begin to become “numb” to them. They do not explain the trends. Do you remember what the numbers were from three days ago to compare to today? More than likely not, unless you go to one of those organizations pages and look them up. The Southern Maryland Chronicle will begin providing a weekly outlook of what has happened for each county and the state as a whole.

State Of Maryland

On April 13, 2020, Maryland had 8,936 positive cases, with 42,815 negative cases. In the past week, it has risen to 12,830 positive cases, a net gain of 3,894 individuals. On the negative test side, the state is now at 55,061 negative individuals, having a net gain of 12,246 individuals. The week started with 262 individuals who had died from the virus and ended with 486 deaths, a loss of 224 more Marylanders. Although the death rate is fluid and changes as more tests are being done, the state currently has a fatality rate of 3.8%

provided by the Maryland Department of Health

Of the new positive cases, 911 required hospitalization bringing the total to 2,886 hospitalized overall. In that time, 371 were released from the hospital, bringing that total to 914 released. Of those that test positive 22.5% have required hospitalization.

Race has been brought in by multiple officials and leaders of organizations and has been used in numerous ways, some that have nothing to do with the virus itself. While race will help medically, the virus itself does not choose it’s “victims” based on the color of their skin. The areas in Maryland where we are seeing the most cases- Montgomery County, Prince George’s County are urban areas with larger, clustered populations. Thus depending on the makeup of the area, statistics would suggest that a particular race could experience high numbers in that area. For those that are interested in how it breaks down on the state levels, we have included the available data below.

Maryland has seen a decline of positive cases the past few days, and it could be a sign of the curve flattening, but only time will tell throughout this week.

Calvert County

Calvert County announced its first two positive COVID-19 cases the week of March 22, with its first COVID-19 fatality announced on April 1, 2020. In that time Calvert has reported 125 positive COVID-19 cases, a jump from 94 the previous week. Calvert has a total of three(3) COVID-19 related deaths, with two coming in the last week. The majority of cases for the county are in Huntingtown(39) and Prince Frederick(26). Calvert, as of April 19, 2020, has a fatality rate of 1.83%, and an infection rate of 118.47 per 100,000(Johns Hopkins US Map)

Below are the known cases by zip code:

  • 20754(Dunkirk, Ashwood Manor): 10
  • 20736(Owings, Odyssey, Chaneyville): 9
  • 20732( Chesapeake Beach, The Highlands): 11
  • 20639 (Huntingtown, Wilson, April Estates): 31
  • 20678 (Prince Frederick, Dares Beach Bowens, Fox Hill): 26
  • 20657( Lusby, Chesapeake Ranch Estates, Drum Point, White Sands): 15

The Calvert County Health Department website does not list negative tests, nor any data the Governor has ordered the counties to supply. There also is no data available on how many are hospitalized or have been released. Calvert has 41 staffed beds, with 73 licensed beds and 4 ICU beds. The population of the county is 92,003, with 12,769 being over the age of 65.

This data is from Johns Hopkins University and is not updated to include the latest Maryland numbers. However, it does give you a picture of the trends.

Charles County

Of the three Southern Maryland counties we cover, Charles County has been hit the hardest. As of April 19, 2020, 370 residents have tested positive for COVID-19, up from 274 last week. On April 15, 2020, Charles County announced a total of 101 Nursing Home and Senior Living Facility residents had tested positive. SagePoint Senior Living Services in La Plata, MD, and The Charleston Senior Community in Waldorf are two of the suspected locations. SagePoint has acknowledged one case. We are submitting Freedom of Information Act(FOIA) requests this week for more information.

Charles County currently has a fatality rate of 4.61% and an infection rate of 214.86 per 100,000 residents (Johns Hopkins US Map).

Below are the reported cases of COVID-19 by zip code:

  • 20607(Accokeek, Bryand Road): 28
  • 20603( Waldorf, Bennsville, Saint Charles): 95
  • 20601(Waldorf, Accokeek, Hughesville): 50
  • 20602(Waldorf, Saint Charles): 68
  • 20695( White Plains, Bennsville, Saint Charles): 25
  • 20646( La Plata, Amys Acres, Amberleigh Farms): 42
  • 20460(Indian Head, Bryans Road, Potomac Heights, Pisgah, Holly Haven): 12
  • 20637(Hughesville, Patuxent): 11
This data is from Johns Hopkins University and is not updated to include the latest Maryland numbers. However, it does give you a picture of the trends.

Charles County has a population of 161,503. Charles County has not provided information on how many tests have been conducted or negative results, nor information regarding hospitalizations and releases.

St. Mary’s County

St. Mary’s County announced its first COVID-19 cases on March 21. The first being a woman in her 20’s that was self-isolating and the second being a worker at MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital.

Then on March 25, NAS Pax River announced its first positive case, followed by the Charlotte Hall Veterans Home announcing two cases on March 27. St. Mary’s County announced it’s first deaths on April 13, 2020; two women in their 60’s. Last week St. Mary’s added two more deaths for a total of 4 overall and all in the same week.

St. Mary’s County Health Department has provided the number of negative tests which sit at 861, up from 400 early last week. St. Mary’s had a jump during the week adding 27 new positive tests to reach 122 overall.

Mechancisville and Lexington Park are have 25 and 32 cases respectively.

Below are the cases by zip code:

  • 20622( Charlotte Hall, Newport, Wicomico Ridge, Wicomico): 10
  • 20659( Mechanicsville, Charlotte Hall, Golden Beach, Oakville, Morganza): 25
  • 20650( Leonardtown, Loveville, Compton): 10
  • 20634( Lexington Park, Great Mills, California, Valley Lee): 9
  • 20653( Lexington Park, Great Mills, California, Patuxent River, Saint James): 25

St. Mary’s County has a population of 112,664 and has a current fatality rate of 3.36% and an infection rate of 105.62 per 100,000(Johns Hopkins US Map). They have 96 staffed beds, 93 licensed beds, and 12 ICU beds.

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

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