News Release, Reopen Charles County

Reopen Charles County, a 1300+ member group will hold its second peaceful demonstration to urge the County Board of Commissioners to commence Phase 1 Recovery efforts in the community. On Wednesday, May 20, at 6:00 pm, supporters will gather at 6485 Crain Highway, La Plata to hear testimony from business owners and community members who are being negatively impacted by the extended and unnecessary Stay-at-Home Order.

On May 14, the Board of Commissioners for Charles County voted to extend the most restrictive aspects of Governor Hogan’s emergency orders in the face of overwhelming testimony from the health and legal experts asserting immediate readiness to enter recovery. While the Commissioners who voted to extend the order thought they were assuaging the fears of some residents concerned about the Coronarvirus, they underestimated the number of residents who have a dire necessity to get back to a level of personal and professional normalcy.

“The Commissioners were provided with over an hour of testimony by doctors, the hospital, EMS, local law enforcement, and their own lawyer summarizing our readiness to reopen to Phase 1. They denied data, facts, and science, and instead chose fear to guide their decisions to let the good people of Charles County begin to resume activity outside their homes. We are exercising our right to redress our elected officials and have been doing so in a peaceful and respectful way,” says Ali Rak, the group’s originator.

This event will be the second organized public demonstration since the Board of Commissioner’s vote on May 14. The group has also organized a coordinated email and social media campaign, posting a series under the hashtag #FactsNotFear.

Reopen Charles County invites those who are weary of the extended lockdown to express their displeasure in a constructive way by joining the rally on Wednesday, May 20 at 6:00 pm in La Plata.

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