Today, 17-year-old Ben Bleam will see the culmination of his quick thinking work. Ben has put together a virtual Memorial Day concert on Facebook live, featuring other area musicians from the Washington, D.C. Area.

Ben is a junior at North Point High School in Waldorf, MD, and sits first chair in the school’s orchestra.

As his mother states, this time of year is normally filled with concerts, competitions, graduations…all cut short by the pandemic.

The concert will begin on Facebook today at 2 pm; you have to join the group to see it(see link below and last about 2 hours.

From the mother of Ben, Jennifer Gordey Bleam (Facebook group post)

My 17-year-old son (Ben) plays the violin at our local high school in Maryland. He’s really quite good. This month was supposed to be filled with end-of-school-year events: concerts, competitions, honors orchestra, recitals, and more.

Because of the pandemic, all of that disappeared almost overnight. Plus there is no clear picture of what next year (his senior year) might look like. That was a lot to absorb in a short amount of time.

About a week ago, Ben decided to channel his energy toward helping others, giving them the gift of music…realizing that this is a time that is challenging for us all.

In that time, he created this group; investigated technology options; and put together a list of awesome patriotic music, which will be presented by musicians from around the Washington DC area.

Each of the performers are people he knows personally. Some are musicians he has admired for years, who fostered his love of music. Others have intersected his life within the past year. But each musician has inspired him to become a better performer, to push himself to higher levels of musicianship, and to face difficulty with grace.

The Virtual Memorial Day Concert will be streamed inside this group at 2pm EDT and will honor those who have given their lives to serve our country.

Thank you for sharing this event throughout the world. We’re excited to share this event with you!

The concert will be streamed Live on the Facebook Group 2020 Virtual Memorial Day Concert

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