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BOWIE: Handsome Goofball
Young, Affectionate, Lacks Training

At Anne Arundel County Animal Care & Control, Millersville, MD – Sherry Durm

Bowie showing his appreciation for a bath:
Another male dog teaching Bowie manners:
Bowie being handsome and goofy:

FREE TO A RESCUE: Bowie’s heartworm test (negative) and microchip will be paid for by Friends of Anne Arundel County Animal Care & Control. His other pull fees have been waived by AACACC.
—Bowie, a male pit bull type mix, blue with white, is about four years old and weighed 58.6 pounds when he arrived May 4 as a stray from Davidsonville.
—He was given distemper, bordetella and rabies vaccinations plus Strongid on May 4 and was neutered May 12.

“Young, affectionate, lacks training” – oh, my, how many times have we written some variation of that about a stray dog at the shelter? But it does indeed fit Bowie, who practically smothered a shelter staffer in kisses as she was drying him after a bath (see first video above) but who also was just a rude and clueless doofus when introduced to a patient older dog (see second video).

“Bowie is your typical young pit bull type dog without training,” the shelter administrator said after spending time photographing him in various situations, including with another dog. “He is a goofball but he is strong. He pulls on leash. He is very toy motivated (will jump for toys and may inadvertently grab your hand if he misses the toy). Runs out of stream reasonably quickly. He has no dog manners and mounts other dogs but responds submissively to correction from the other dog. However, he will need repetition from calm dog savvy dogs to have the lessons sink in with what is acceptable behavior.”

Bowie was observed May 7 by shelter staff and generally did well except when introduced to a cat in a cage: “Very reactive when cat hissed,” staff reported. “Barking, backs away, some growling. With another non-reactive cat, very focused. Also extremely focused on rabbits in the room” in separate cages. He was clean in his cage, friendly when approached, easy to obtain and difficult to walk because he pulled hard. He reacted favorably when other dogs were walked past his cage, got excited and interested in a favorable way when walked past other caged dogs, and also was friendly (if pushy) when leashed and face to face with another dog (as shown in the video). He leans in and likes being touched all over, has no problem having his feet and mouth handled, remains relaxed when looked in the eye, and calmly allows a bowl of food to be removed. He reluctantly gave up a toy when asked.

Because of his reactivity when around cats and rabbits, Bowie is only available to our rescue partners and should not go to a home with any small animals.

Bowie had what appeared to be a reaction to his microchip when it was implanted; the area around it became swollen and bruised. As a precaution, an X-ray was taken, but the microchip appears fine. The area was aspirated and only inflammatory cells and blood were found. Bloodwork was normal except for some inflammatory cells, and the swelling and bruising gradually has gone down, although it is not completely gone yet. A test for heartworms and three tick-borne diseases was negative. He has been on Rimadyl and Simplicef also has had medicated baths because his feet and skin appeared red.

Oh, Bowie! We can guess what happened: Someone got an adorable puppy, failed to provide him with proper guidance and training, never got him neutered, stopped being amused by his puppy antics when he got bigger and, whoops – didn’t make much of an effort to find him when he got out. Well, we love ya, Bowie – and we know there’s someone out there who will help you be all that you can be: a well-behaved, adored lifelong pet. Can you, our rescue partner, help us find that person? Thank you on behalf of Bowie and all the other “young, affectionate, lacks training” dogs out there. Please share Bowie’s plea.

See AACACC animals available to rescues at:…/animal-control/animals…/index.html

–Sherry Durm, Rescue Coordinator at Anne Arundel County Animal Care &
–Chris Weinstein, AACACC
–Donna Hilton, AACACC

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