By: St. Mary’s Ryken High School

St. Mary’s Ryken graduates are able to earn a Seal of Biliteracy award presented during their graduation ceremonydemonstrating proficiency in two or more languages.The knowledge exhibited by biliteracy enables our students to show evidence of skills that are attractive to colleges and future employers.

Congratulations to the following students for earning a Seal of Biliteracy:

  • Joseph Baden
  • Caroline Daley
  • Jamie Kost
  • Luca Vasil

“St. Mary’s Rykenawards the Seal of Biliteracy to students who have proven an Intermediate High level of literacy onAmerican Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages’scale of proficiency in two or more languages,” said World Language Department Chair and Latin teacher, Mrs. Sam Spaulding.This award is documented on their transcripts, and represents tangible evidence of skills that are attractive to future employers and universities. We are immensely proud of these students and their hard work here at St. Mary’s Ryken.”

Joseph Baden is pictured here with is parents, Dana and Steve, and his brother Paul Baden ’23. Image courtesy of St. Mary’s Ryken High School

The Maryland Seal of Biliteracy is an award given by participating school systems that recognizes a student’s high level of proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing in one or more languages other than English.

Begun in California in 2011, the Seal of Biliteracy is now offered in 36 states and Washington, D.C. Maryland’s Seal of Biliteracy Bill was signed into law in 2016.

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

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