Women More Likely to Lose Sleep than Men

News Release, Bankrate.com

June 24, 2020 – New York – In a new survey by Bankrate.com, 47% of U.S. adults report losing sleep, at least occasionally, about a money issue. That’s down from 56% last year.

Of the money issues U.S. adults lose sleep over:

  • Everyday expenses are the most commonly cited money issue, which dropped from 32% last year to 23% this year
  • Saving enough money for retirement keeps 19% awake at night, down from 24% last year
  • Health care or insurance bills are a worry for 17%, down from 22%
  • The ability to pay mortgage or monthly rent bills stresses 14%, down from 18%
  • The ability to pay credit card debt is a concern for 13%, down from 18%
  • The ability to pay for educational expenses dropped from 11% last year to 8% this year
  • Stock market volatility is a worry for 6%, up from 5% last year

“In the context of the worst unemployment crisis since the Great Depression, it’s shocking the figures aren’t far worse,” says Ted Rossman, industry analyst for Bankrate. “Government stimulus programs are helping, and many who are currently out of work seem confident they will soon return. It also helps that the economy was in good shape prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Aside from money woes, relationship concerns cost 38% of U.S. adults sleep. Health concerns are costing Americans the next-most sleep (32%, down from 37% last year). Work dropped from 28% to 24%, politics edged up from 21% to 22%, raising children from 13% to 15% and climate change nudged down from 14% to 13%. Racial tensions came in at 19%.

Women (79%) are more likely to lose sleep than men (70%) when it comes to having at least one common stressor. On average, Americans lose sleep at least occasionally over three of these issues.

When they were asked to narrow it down to a single category that’s costing them the most sleep, a money issue was cited 31% of the time (down from 38% last year), relationships 19% (down from 20%), health 13% (down from 15% last year) and work (11%, same as last year).

“I’m really surprised Americans are more upbeat this year than they were last year,” adds Rossman. “Right now, we’re experiencing some of the greatest societal, health and monetary challenges of our lifetimes. Yet in the face of all that, our survey found consistent improvement from last year.”

Among those losing sleep, 59% are optimistic they’ll be able to resolve their top issue, down from 63% last year. COVID-19 can be blamed for the slight decline in optimism – 52% of those suffering sleep loss said the pandemic has had a negative effect on their ability to resolve their #1 reason for losing sleep. 39% said not much change either way, and 10% said the pandemic has had a positive impact on their ability to resolve their top concern.

Methodology: Bankrate.com commissioned YouGov Plc to conduct the survey. All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from YouGov Plc. Total sample size was 2,556 adults. Fieldwork was undertaken on June 3-5, 2020. The survey was carried out online and meets rigorous quality standards. It employed

a non-probability-based sample using both quotas upfront during collection and then a weighting scheme on the back end designed and proven to provide nationally representative results.