By CCVFEMS Coordinator/Public Information Officer William Smith

This was a very busy night for all fire, EMS, 911 Centers and Law Enforcement across the region. At 1:22 a.m. in Hughesville, just as the calls for service seemed to slow down the State Highway Administration(SHA) reported to Charles County 911 they saw a vehicle attempt to drive through rushing water on Brandywine Road at Swanson Creek.

Fire/EMS units including “Swift Water Technicians” and assets from Charles, Prince George’s, Calvert, and St. Mary’s responded to the scene, Chief 2 (Herbert) “established command” and directed units to the area where the vehicle was found submerged in high water with two occupants on the roof of the vehicle.

Command reported the water current was too dangerous for our swift water techs to enter safely and called for Tenth District Volunteer “Air Boat #8” to the scene. The 911 center maintained cell contact throughout the incident with the occupants on the roof of the vehicle while Air Boat #8 rescue them safely.

The driver of the vehicle refused any treatment or transport, the female occupant was transported to Charles Regional Medical Center(CRMC) for check-up, non-life injuries.