by St. Mary’s Arts Council

At just 17 years old, Alizza has already been making her own mark in the art community. Her work is both thought-provoking and eclectic as she often weaves intricate stories and tales into the threads of her creations.

Art has been in Alizza’s nature since birth as she comes from an extended family of creative people including her mother, grandfather, and several aunts and uncles, all recognized for their work of a variety of media in the Philippines and beyond.

As her father serves as an active duty member of the U.S. Navy, Alizza has grown up in various parts of the world which have all served as inspirations for her creativity. Around age nine she began art lessons with an amazing teacher who encouraged her to develop her painting and sketching skills to a whole new level.

Miss Damaso has gone on to be featured around the world at various exhibits and shows, including Candy Cummings Gallery located at the Lexington Park Library. She is also a St. Mary’s County Arts Council scholarship recipient, one of several winners who were selected based on their demonstrated talent and artistic goals for the future.

Alizza describes herself as a reserved person, often enjoying painting at home or watching a movie with her dog. She is often thinking of her next project be it commissioned painting pieces, tattoo designing, video editing, photography, and even singing and dancing. She is an advocate for self-care and mental health awareness as she feels that there are many therapeutic properties and positive self-expression avenues via the arts of many kinds. As part of a military family, she will be relocating to a new area with her parents in the near future.

Way to go Alizza, thank you for sharing your amazing work with our community during your time here, we know that your star will continue to shine bright in the future!