News Release, Mechanicsville Volunteer Fire Department

On Monday, July 20, 2020, at 10:50 a.m. Rescue Squads 2, 1002, Ambulances 29, 1002, and St. Mary’s Advanced Life Support(ALS) were alerted to Three Notch Road at Mechanicsville Road for the report of a dump truck overturned, on top of several vehicles.

Rescue Squad 2(Capt. Raley) and Rescue Engine 22(Sgt. Senatore) made the response just after dispatch. Units arrived to find a dump truck on its side, with three other vehicles involved. Crews went to work assessing the scene to determine the number of patients, entrapment, and hazards.

Three patients were found requiring transport with one ultimately being airlifted to a local trauma center. There was no entrapment, however, diesel fuel and hydraulic fluid leak from the dump truck required the hazmat team to respond to assist in controlling the leak and clean up.

Rescue Engine 22 handled the Landing Zone for this incident during the hazmat cleanup.

At 2:27 p.m. hours, Command 2 came upon a Motor Vehicle Accident at the intersection of Point Lookout Road and Old Village Road and requested the assignment.

After further investigation, one patient would require a door removal from one vehicle to assist in removal. Rescue Engine 22 arrived and handled the door removal. Awaiting EMS Crews from Company 29 handled patient care.

Also during the morning hours crews handled three other runs; a tree down, wires down, and a commercial fire alarm.