News Release, Seventh District Volunteers

Early Tuesday morning as Isaias came through St. Mary’s County, multiple emergency incidents began taking place.

At 07:56 a.m., Station 5 and surrounding Companies were alerted to a vehicle in floodwater on Bushwood Road in the area of Kaylas Lane. Chief 5 arrived and located the occupant who was able to get out of the water and leave the vehicle stranded.

At 10:33 a.m. Station 5 and surrounding Companies were alerted to an Inland Rescue on Budds Creek Road at Colton Point Road. The water was rapidly rising on Budds Creek Road and a vehicle with a single occupant became disabled and trapped in the water. Raft 5 was deployed with four rescuers who were able to remove the operator and bring them back to dry land.

At 11:19 a.,m. a call was received at the station for a vehicle that had possibly been swept away by floodwater at the same location on Budds Creek Road. Brush 5A with Raft 5 along with Engine 52 was still in the area and arrived on the scene within three minutes. Chief 5 made contact with bystanders who witnessed a vehicle with at least two occupants be swept over the guard rail and into St. Clement’s Creek. Engine 52 was on the opposite side of the water as Brush 5A and made contact with the owner of Guy Brothers Marine. Guy Brothers hooked up a boat and brought it to the scene. Raft 5 was deployed and first pulled two civilians from the water who were trying to assist with rescuing the victims in the vehicle.

Both Raft 5 and the Guy Brothers Marine vessel anchored to telephone poles utilizing long lines to make their way to the occupants. Chief 5 requested a helicopter but there were none available due to being on another incident. Visual contact was made with the vehicle occupants who had managed to exit the vehicle and get to the rear hatch of the SUV. Using the utility poles, the boat was gradually able to get to the victims to pull them on board. Both occupants of the vehicle were brought to dry land and refused EMS care.

Squad 5, Tanker 51, Engine 52, Brush 5A, Raft 5, Rescue Engine 22, and Ambulance 599 all operated on scene.

While attempting to make it back to the Station Engine 52 had to take multiple different routes due to flooded roads. While traveling on Route 5 to get to Chaptico Road they came across a loader that was moving a tree from the road. As they were assisting with blocking the road waiting for the tree to be moved the road collapsed in on the loader. The operator was able to exit without injury. Engine 52 also assisted on the scene in the area of Maypole Road with Company 1 and 7 with evacuating several people from flooded homes.

During the storm, units also were dispatched to multiple trees and wires down, assisted at a gas leak, and handled a couple flooding conditions. Over 20 volunteer’s staffed the apparatus throughout the day.