The St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office Lexington Park COPs Unit joined members of The Mission on Saturday to facilitate a cleanup effort of their newly acquired property and future site on Sheriff Miedzinski Way in Lexington Park. 

The cleanup included members of the COPs Unit, current residents of the property, and approximately 100 volunteers from the community. All equipment, heavy machinery, dumpsters, tools, food, water, and other needed resources were donated by local entities to ensure the effort went quickly, safely and smoothly. 

“What a huge show of support,” said Richard Myers, Executive Director of The Mission. “We are always humbled at the support we receive. I would like to also give a huge shout out to the officers of St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office for coming out to support this project. So many people commented and called me, on how happy they were regarding the Sheriff’s Office’s involvement.” 

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