We had the pleasure of meeting Vanessa in person when she volunteered to work on a community art project which started in the summer of 2019. She held integral roles in both the design and developmental stages and ultimately took the lead position of the project, dedicating over 80 hours of her time.

This beautiful mural is now completed and on display at the mini-park in Leonardtown Square, just to the left of the New View FiberWorks shop (22696 Washington St.). Its vivid colors depict local landmarks, points of interest, and fun “things-to-do”, all in a modern chic aesthetic beautifully choreographed by the artists.

Vanessa has been drawing for as long as she can remember, but it wasn’t until she started high school when art became more of an integral part of her life. She now primarily sketches cartoons but has been known to branch out to other genres when something new sparks her interest.  

Manga has been a mainstay theme for Vanessa’s style and works in general. She has been influenced by famous illustrators such as Hirohiko Araki and Rui Komatsuzaki. Mainly pens are used for her drawings, but other types of media have been incorporated by our featured artist as well. Colored pencils are always easy to find and a favorite!

Her main points of focus have included the animation of people of all walks of life with a variety of stories to tell and intriguing features of their very own. Through enrollment in the Dr. James A. Forrest Tech Center, Miss Gregorio learned important skills using Adobe to create posters, ads, logos, and other projects. She is also a 2020 scholarship recipient of St. Mary’s County Arts Council Scholarships for graduating seniors who demonstrate exemplary skills and talents in The Arts.

When she isn’t engaged with her artwork, Vanessa may be found contemplating social issues and fiction, two topics that she has been very passionate about for a long time. Having recently graduated high school, she is pondering on how to integrate these subjects into her future as she moves forward with her college studies and beyond.

As a young student dedicated to her craft, Vanessa Gregorio is someone to keep an eye out for as she continues to hone her skills and expand her portfolio of work. Way to go, Vanessa, keep on shining bright!

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