Students will use StudentVue accounts to access live instruction, how-to steps below

The first day of school for Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) students is Monday, Aug. 31. Teachers will present live instruction using a secure-Zoom connection in Synergy, the student information system connected to StudentVue and ParentVue.

Schools are finalizing student schedules and will share them with parents and students by next week. Schedules will be posted in StudentVue and ParentVue in the left menu area under a tab titled Class Schedule. Teachers will present live instruction on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday of each week. To access daily live instruction, students will need to follow the steps below.

Logging on StudentVue

  1. Log on to StudentVue. The direct website is StudentVue is also linked to the front of the CCPS website, under the photo slideshow. Click on the GradeBook image.
  2. Parents and students should create a shortcut on the desktop of the laptop or computer used for virtual learning. A shortcut takes users directly to the StudentVue website.
  3. To create a shortcut, users should click on the LOCK image located on the left of the website address bar in their web browser and drag it to their desktop. A video tutorial on how to do this is available for view here.
  4. StudentVue requires a user name and password. A student’s user name is their CCPS-issued six-digit student identification number. For example, 123456. Student ID numbers are listed in ParentVue on the desktop program under a child’s picture, on report card copies or under the ID area of the ParentVue app. Students also use this number to buy food in school cafeteria serving lines.
  5. StudentVue passwords are a student’s CCPS-issued password and begin with a capital letter. Student password information did not change from last school year. Password information is provided by schools to new students. Passwords are also located in the Other Information menu option in the ParentVue desktop program and mobile app.
  6. Enter the user name and password and select the login blue button.
  7. Parents can request their child’s student ID and password through the general question area of Ask CCPS available at Requests should include a child’s name and school of attendance.

Zoom instruction

Beginning Aug. 31 once a student logs in to StudentVue, any scheduled live lessons will appear in the center of the main page. Students will see the teacher’s name, live meeting time, and a camera picture or icon that reads “Join Now.” Students will also receive a message in the Synergy Mail menu area with a teacher request to join a lesson. Students may see several live meetings each day based on their schedules for different subject areas and class periods.

When a student clicks on the Join Now button, Zoom will launch and open a new window. Any lesson or meeting will not go live until a teacher starts the session. In Zoom, teachers can control audio and mute students but students must enable the Start Video option in order for their teacher to see them. Students who experience issues with Zoom should ask a parent to submit a help request on Ask CCPS under the Zoom Issues/Question menu option. Virtual learning attendance for students is as follows.

Attendance during virtual lessons

All students are expected to attend virtual classes. Teachers will take attendance using Synergy, the student information system. Students will be counted present for a class when they accept a meeting invitation and are admitted to the virtual Zoom classroom. Students will be marked tardy to an online class if they join a live lesson 10 minutes or longer after it begins.

Students are expected to turn their cameras on during live lessons. In Zoom, there is a Start Video option on the menu bar at the bottom of the meeting. Parents of younger students will need to help their child complete this step at the start of each lesson.

Parents who do not want their child to use video or be visible during live lessons will need to request an exception in writing to their child’s school principal. Principals will notify teachers of students with permission to attend classes without using video.

In addition to verbal participation using audio and video, teachers will monitor the discussion and chat areas for student participation. Teachers will contact parents of students who do not participate and may use school-based supports such as the school counselor and psychologist.

Attendance is available for view in StudentVue and ParentVue accounts, under the Attendance menu area. If a student is absent, parents must submit a note by email to the guidance secretary at their child’s school within three days of the absence. If a student has circumstances that prevent them from accessing technology, parents should make arrangements with their child’s school principal. Technology issues are considered excused absences only if a parent note is submitted.

Any absence in which a parent note is not received by school staff within three days of the absence will be considered unexcused.

Parents can request their child complete recorded lessons; lessons available only for 72 hours once shared 

Parents can request their child to access virtual learning through recorded lessons. Requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis and must be submitted for review to the Office of the Deputy Superintendent. Parents should click and complete the form below to request recorded instruction for their child.

Application to opt your child out of live instruction

School principals will receive a list of students approved for recorded instruction. Teachers will record lessons and share with students in their individual StudentVue account. Lessons will only be available for 72 hours and to students enrolled in the class. Parents and students are not able to download recorded lessons.

Students are counted as present and provided credit for participation. Teachers will notify school administrators if a student approved for recorded instruction is not completing required assignments.

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