Dating apps have grown in popularity, and with the recent outbreak of COVID-19, more and more people have been turning to these apps in order to find love by connecting with new people. But, like so many other activities that you can do online when it comes to dating on the internet, whether you use an app or not, caution is necessary. And if you are in Maryland, in particular, it is important to know that it is considered one of the most dangerous states for those who choose to date online. More specifically, it ranks as the fifth most dangerous state for online dating.

The Results of a Study on Online Dating decided to analyze the level of risk that comes with online dating in every state. Their researchers were able to use a variety of factors to determine the most dangerous states for people who like meeting others online, as well as the safest states for online dating.

The factors that they used during this analysis included government stats on things like the number of victims of cybercrime, the statistics for STDs in a state, and the amount of money that a state loses to people who commit fraud on the internet. What they found was that some states are much safer than others when it comes to using dating apps and sites.

Maryland’s Stats Aren’t Attractive

If you live in Maryland, and you are thinking about using, or you are already using, a dating app to find single men or single women near you, it is best to proceed with a little extra caution to help ensure your safety. That’s because the state ranked as one of the worst places for online dating.

The five worst states in the nation were Alaska, Nevada, California, North Carolina, and Maryland. On the other hand, the top five, or the safest states for online dating, were Maine, West Virginia, Vermont, Kentucky, and New Hampshire.

Know the Potential Dangers of Online Dating

There are various risks that can come with online dating. While you might be looking for love, the person on the other end might be trying to trick you. People have been victims of assault when meeting someone in person after meeting them online. And there are also a lot of con artists who will create fake accounts on dating apps and websites in order to lure victims that they’ll steal from.

Know How to Stay Safe

Dating online can certainly be risky, but it can also help you find your perfect match, and there are several ways to reduce risk.

First off, it’s best to use a dating app that verifies the identity of anyone who uses it. Make sure you know exactly whom you are talking to, especially before you meet them in person. You can even run a background check on the person to be sure you aren’t speaking with someone who has a criminal background.

Also, never give out your personal information to someone that you have only met online, and make it a point to talk on the phone and on video chat to get to know the other person better before meeting in person. Then, if you do decide to meet in person, go to a public place, and consider going with a friend for extra protection.

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