Calvert County Public Schools (CCPS) is pleased to announce that, in coordination with the Maryland State Department of Education’s (MSDE) Division of Career and College Readiness, the Naval Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (NJROTC) is now available to students as a CTE program of study, beginning with the graduating Class of 2021. All students are required to complete either a College Prep pathway or CTE program to be eligible for high school graduation, with many students choosing to complete multiple pathways. The NJROTC program becomes CCPS’s 27th available CTE pathway.

This new designation of the NJROTC program is the result of collaborative efforts among the Division of Career and College Readiness, local school systems, and representatives from each branch of JROTC. In order to be considered a CTE completer, students must complete three required courses (NJROTC I – III) and may choose to complete an optional fourth course (NJROTC IV). NJROTC students are offered the opportunity take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test and participate in the ASVAB Career Exploration Program. A score of 31 on the ASVAB meets Technical Skill Attainment (TSA) requirements for the program.

According to Carrie Akins, Director for Career and Technology Education, “The goal of all CTE programs is to prepare students to have a world of options available to them post high-school with regard to careers and college. It is therefore fully fitting to add the NJROTC program as a CTE completer pathway. Through NJROTC, students can choose to prepare for a career in the military, but this program is not limited to students who wish to pursue a career in enlisted service. All students in NJROTC gain valuable leadership, collaboration, problem-solving, and communication skills that will prepare them well in any chosen career field. NJROTC is an ideal program for both students who have chosen a future career pathway as well as for those students who may yet be undecided.”

Britta Sparks, Supervisor of Instruction, shared, “We are pleased that MSDE has recognized NJROTC as a CTE program of study. We have for years advocated for the recognition of the program’s benefits toward career and college readiness. If students elect military service as a career after high school, they begin at a higher rank and paygrade than other enlistees. If they opt to attend university, there are potential scholarships and military academy recommendations based upon their high school NJROTC course of study and participation within the unit. If they move into other career areas, the knowledge and skillsets acquired from NJROTC can contribute to success in careers in government, private industry entrepreneurship and non-profit organizations. The attributes of personal honor, individual discipline, self-reliance, and positive leadership will serve students well throughout their lives in any chosen career.”

Current juniors and seniors who have already successfully completed Levels I, II, and III of NJROTC will be retroactively awarded CTE completer status. Those current juniors who complete NJROTC III this year will be considered pathway completers this year. Students who still wish to enroll in the NJROTC program for this school year should contact their school counselor as soon as possible.

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