Via Prince Frederick Volunteer Fire Department Facebook Page:

Success! Hunting Farms Lane is open!

The new crossing is rated for 80,000 lbs. PFVFD met with homeowners this afternoon and drove Tower 2 (weighing 77,000 lbs) across the rebuilt area.

The project was completed by Delmarva Site Development, Inc. with all of the labor and materials donated. In addition, all fundraising money from the project will be donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital on behalf of Delmarva Site Development.

Approximately $35,000 will go directly to helping the children. We know this was a long road for the homeowners, but we are thankful for the crews at Delmarva Site Development and many other sponsors and citizens for going out of their way to help these families.

Huntingtown, MD- As Tropical Storm Isaias swept through Southern Maryland on Tuesday, August 5, 2020, it flooded roads, spawned three tornadoes, and destroyed bridges. One road, Huntingtown Farms Lane that was destroyed was in Huntingtown, MD.

The storm swept away enough of the road to leave a 65-foot gap, leaving five farming families isolated. The families range from small children to the elderly. One such person is on on in-home care and the residents are worried about if an emergency were to happen. Power was also out to the area, leaving water wells inoperational. the families are now concerned about their livestock and being able to provide for them.

According to news reports, the families typically take up small collections to help with minor road repairs, however, this one is expected to cost as much as $150,000.

One of the families has started a GoFundMe Fundraiser. This is not affiliated with The southern Maryland Chronicle and we only post this to help. It is the reader’s responsibility to make sure they are donating to a legitimate fund.

The Southern Maryland Chronicle has reached out to the Calvert County Public Information Office for more information on what, if anything, the County is doing to assist. We will update if we receive any information from them.

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