Our Weekly Spotlight on the Arts is shining on Trish Clark!

Whimsical, playful, bright and charming are all words that come to mind when we see Trish’s work!

Our featured artist has been involved in many different types of art forms ranging from designing and creating jewelry, flower wreaths, floral wedding arrangements, scrapbooking, card making, and much more! She has always enjoyed creating with her latest passion being mixed media, where she can combine all the different media that she has enjoyed working with into a single collective art piece.

Trish’s inspirations include just about all the other artists who she has met as well as both simple experiences and special events in her life. Her work has been described by others as “transforming things we see in our everyday life into different lights and perspectives on canvas.”

Many of her pieces will also incorporate a little (or more!) of glitter of various sizes, shades, and color. Mrs. Clark loves this collaborative effect of light bouncing off her artwork, adding an extra dimension of heart and soul to her pieces and making for a prettier, brighter, and happier visual and emotional experiences.

Each of her creations may take many hours or even days to complete as she takes her ideas from concepts to final products. In any given mixed media collage one might find an array of brilliant beads, buttons, upcycled papers, twists of twine, rainbows of paint, minds, and more. Trish sees limitless opportunities when she sits down to work!

Other interests include her photography endeavors – she loves to capture scenic shots with favorites being Southern Maryland sunsets, old barns along the road, rusty cars past their prime, and run-down houses with silent stories to tell. As an entrepreneur and small business owner, Mrs. Clark also offers family portraits, senior photography, engagement photos, etc.

Keep shining Trish, we love your bright and beautiful art pieces and are looking forward to seeing your future creations!

Links of interest:

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(Photos provided by artist).

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