A virtual style of learning certainly wasn’t one that was thought of in the past and one that isn’t easy to navigate for students that need the hands-on training that the Career and Technology Academy provides them.

With October being the month that school Principal’s are honored, Calvert County Public Schools Superintendent, Dr. Curry mentioned Carrie Akins.

Carrie Akins, the Principal of the Calvert, Career and Technology Academy said she and the students alike are excited to be back in the building.

“It’s been fantastic,” she said Friday in an interview with The Southern Maryland Chronicle. “We’ve had 200 students back now for our third full week. The kids are so excited to be here and the teachers worked really hard to reformat things and rearrange things to make it safe for COVID purposes.”

Akins said for the students here at the Career and Technology Academy; a lot of the programs require specific hours and hands-on skills that they have to demonstrate in order to earn their certificates, and the welding and electrical fields have been the popular choices this year.

“All of our programs were fully enrolled before the school year started,” she said. “The hardest thing I faced over the summer as we had students interested in courses than we had space for. I think the word is out that welding and electricity are the fields that pay well and we seem to have more and more students that see them as an option for their future.”

Akins praised her teachers for the way they’ve been able to translate from the classroom to also the virtual style of learning as well and noted that there really was no instruction manual on how to go about the process.

Huntingtown Principal of 13 years, Rick Weber said it has taken a team effort to come up with a plan.

“Someone that’s been a great help is Dr. Susan Johnson, and we’ve gotten a lot of feedback from staff and Principal’s, “Weber said. “We’ve scheduled a lot of training for our staff. I try to get as much feedback from our staff as I can. It actually went better than I anticipated; it’s still not the ideal situation. We just officially approved the modified hybrid for elementary.”

Weber stated that it’s been difficult to offer the support that the school normally would, especially for students that require extra support.

“We’re also making the efforts to call students, and we trying to be flexible. Our tutors are still an option for the kids. I do think the one thing they like is the fact that they don’t have to get up early and do their work.”

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