Using this popular form of credit, individuals can pay off their debt over a predetermined period according to their schedule. Every month, they return a chunk of it, so it melts away by the end of the term. Aside from the clear schedule, such arrangements have a few peculiarities you should understand from the start.

Today, one does not have to leave home to get a loan. For instance, installment loans in Texas from are acquired over the Internet. Common examples are standard home and student loans. However, before you sign up, make sure you understand a few important advantages and caveats connected to the system.

The Definition

So, how are these loans different from other borrowing options in the United States? Their schedule is fixed, and so are the interest rate and the size of regular payments. This is why the arrangement is also called ‘closed-end credit.’

The Main Principles

Using this method, borrowers can make sizable purchases or consolidate their debt using the creditor’s money. If the term is extensive (it may even span a few decades), your payments are very modest. This is exactly what makes houses and vehicles affordable to many people.

Borrow once and you will get a convenient lump sum that can be paid off slowly. Usually, the size of the regular payment is announced before the agreement is signed. With every monthly payment, your debt decreases, as it covers both balance and interest costs.

Example of Calculations

Suppose you need $20,000 to buy a car, and you intend to return the sum over a full year. If the APR (annual interest rate) is 4%, you will be offered this system:

  • 48 identical installments,
  • every payment is $451.58.

The creditor should provide a relevant amortization table detailing the payments.

You will notice that the share of interest amounts to $66.67 on the first payment. Gradually, the proportion changes, so your principal vanishes after the last payment is made.

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  1. I love the idea of not having to leave home for a loan. My wife and I really need the money right now. It’d be nice to get it before we go shopping so we can have the money on hand.

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