In a time when care and concern are at the forefront of our minds, local dentist Dr. Khanna and staff at Patuxent Dental in Hollywood hosted its second annual free clinic for Veterans to provide even brighter smiles and give local vets some undivided attention, with the highest regard for safety during this worldwide pandemic.

Five doctors, hygienists, and office staff at Patuxent Dental gave of their time to make the event a huge success with many memories to share.

Kristen Piniewski, a registered dental hygienist has been working with Dr. Khanna for six years.

“Last year we held our first-ever day of free dental care for local veterans. It was a huge success and the veterans were so appreciative,” she said. “Despite the challenges presented by the COVID pandemic this year, the staff at Patuxent Dental and myself really wanted to honor the tradition and continue this yearly event.”

Piniewski said the safety procedures and office protocol has changed, the staff has remained the same and are passionate and kind.

“We are completely committed to treating every patient with the best possible care,” she said. “This year the team is set to see about 40 local veterans, providing roughly $20,000 worth of free dental care.”

Dr. Khanna and the staff have ensured the public of its top of the line safety measures that were put in place, and it seems like politics were left out the door as well.  

“We want to thank the members of our community who’ve given so much of their time to the community,” Khanna said.

“I would hope that what people take away from this would be a greater sense of community, Khanna added. “I hope the vets feel cared for and staff feels like hero’s because that’s what they are.

“Today in this office there were no Democrats or Republicans. We were one community, and I know a dental office isn’t going to solve all the world’s problems, but perhaps just for one day we made things a little brighter.”

Khanna also thanked those working in healthcare at this pivotal time, especially his staff that volunteered their time to come out and serve the veterans. He thanked Mission Barbeque for providing lunch.

“It’s just an amazing team [at Patuxent Dental] and I can’t thank you guys enough,” Khanna said in a Facebook video posted Saturday. “Please wear your damn mask and let’s get through this together.”

If you’re looking for a new dental office, Patuxent Dental has installed a new UV lighting system that kills any possible bacteria in the air ducts. Each room is now equipped with an ADS or extra-oral suctioning machine that catches anything that sprays from high-speed instruments.

All clinical technicians are equipped with CDC and ADA approved PPE equipment. Patuxent Dental follows all ADA and CDC guidelines as well as their own issued guidelines to ensure the public’s safety.

If you’d like to make an appointment, call 301-373-3230.

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