CBD oil is often considered to be a sort of one size fits all when it comes to dosages for particular conditions.

However, just like with pretty much anything that we put into our bodies, we are all unique and can have different reactions to different things. It is entirely possible for someone to be more sensitive to cannabinoids oil than other people they know.

But what happens when someone is sensitive to CBD oil? What are the risks of using it?

How Can You Have Sensitivity to CBD Oil?

Many people take CBD oils as instructed by the manufacturer or what articles online tell them to take, with no regard to their own personal body chemistry. Just like how certain people react to sugar in different ways, people react to cannabinoids differently as well. This is possibly due to the structure of the endocannabinoid system, the part of the body that cannabinoids like CBD affect.

According to a handful of studies, such as this one by Shenglong Zou and Ujendra Kumar, every mammal produces a variety of natural cannabinoids, which serve to interact with the endocannabinoid system and produce different effects. When we take CBD and other plant-based cannabinoids, we mimic the effects of cannabinoids in our own bodies.

Sensitivity may occur because people have different natural responses to cannabinoids. Some people need fewer cannabinoids to create the same effects that a larger amount would create in others.

There is also the issue of cannabinoid allergy. A study by Nayak et al. found that cannabis allergies were becoming more noticeable in recent years thanks to increased legalization, with effects ranging from nasal congestion to complete anaphylaxis. 

So what are all the potential consequences of being too sensitive to CBD oil?

What Can Happen if You Are Sensitive to CBD Oil?

If someone were to be especially sensitive to CBD oil, they would find themselves being affected by it at a far greater rate than they might have expected.

However, unlike with other drugs, CBD’s effects are a bit more subtle, making it a bit difficult for someone to realize they have increased sensitivity.

The main thing that would happen is an increase in the intensity of some of CBD oil’s side effects.

One study by Kerstin Iffland and Franjo Grotenhermen found that the most common side effects that CBD oil induces are diarrhea, tiredness, and sudden changes in weight caused by altered appetite.

If someone were to have an increased sensitivity to CBD oil, they might find that these side effects were amplified. For example, a person with heightened sensitivity to CBD oil might feel especially more tired during the evening or notice that their appetite shifts drastically.

How to Avoid Any Problems with Potential Sensitivity to CBD Oil

The best way to avoid suffering from any kind of increased sensitivity to CBD oil is to take CBD oil gradually. Instead of diving straight in at the very start, consider only trying a small amount of CBD, increasing it bit by bit to determine individual sensitivity.

When looking for CBD oil for sale, the important thing is to look for reputable brands that stock high-quality products. PureKana, for example, offers up high-quality CBD oil that comes with small droppers, making it especially easy to take only the precise amount desired at any one time.

Furthermore, PureKana offers complete lab reports for all of its products. This lab report allows the user to see precisely how much CBD oil has been taken with every drop.

Knowing the exact amount of CBD imbibed is a critical step in determining what kind of sensitivity a person might have.

By gradually increasing the amount of CBD over time, new users of CBD oil can not only learn individual CBD sensitivity and tolerance but also find the perfect amount to treat specific problems.

At the very least, it is comforting to know that the major problems associated with having increased sensitivity to CBD oil aren’t particularly unpleasant.

So, rest assured that sensitivity to CBD oil isn’t that much of a problem, so long as newcomers to CBD oil stick to trustworthy brands like PureKana.

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