Many parents are worried about raising kids in new cities. Besides, finding the best place to live with a family requires more than just finances. People need a kid’s friendly environment with excellent schools. They want to find the ideal education that can help their child study and grow as a student.

To help parents make that decision, we decided to talk about one of the most prominent places in the southernmost US area – the state of Maryland. We did the research and listed all the practical information you might need. Here is why southern Maryland makes for an excellent area for kids’ education.

Maryland Offers the Possibility for Healthy Growth

In Maryland, particularly North Potomac, the community is always welcoming. Although the population in the suburb is not as big as you’d expect, it is a good place for raising kids. Most of the residents own their homes.

In fact, in the sparse suburban area, 83% own their house, while only 17% pay for rent. The neighbourhood is typically quiet. This is an excellent option if you are looking to buy a home. There are plenty of parks, coffee shops, and restaurants in the area. So, there are many places to visit with a big family.

What About Education?

Of course, one of the most crucial aspects of getting a new place to live is picking out an area with the best high school and college opportunities. Maryland definitely hits the spot. There are some exceptional schools in the area.

Southern Maryland has 9 of the top public high schools in the state. Some of the highest-ranking counties in public schools include:

  • St. Mary’s County
  • Calvert County
  • Charles County

Charles County has not one but two schools that rank in the top 125 high schools. North Point High School is at no.44, while La Plata High School is ranked at no.57.  While Calvert County has one of the most well-known educational centers, the Huntingtown High School ranked at no.28.

If you want your child to study at a great school that prepares them for college, then this is the place to be. They will learn to do some proper writing, create some excellent papers, and excel at any subject. Besides, if they get stuck with their studies on writing essays, for example, they could always take a look at free essay samples at Eduzaurus to find some inspiration. You can also learn from just reading an essay when you need to write a random assignment. It can help boost your vocabulary, reading, and writing skills. As you can see, there is a good reason people are praising this state for its strong academics.

Which Maryland Suburb Is the Best Place to Live?

There are many areas in Maryland that make for an excellent place to raise the kids. Whether it is the community, schools, or overall living space. But, one of the most loved suburbs is South Kensington, North Potomac, and Potomac.

South Kensington is ranked the number one area among the people who live there. There is enough diversity, nightlife, and excellent public schools. North Potomac is ranked the second most welcoming area for newcomers. You have plenty of places to see and some amazing schools you can rely on.

Potomac also offers a great environment. Although the nightlife is not as lively as in North Potomac, there are still plenty of areas you can spend your time in. About 11% of the residents are under ten years, which means your kids will have plenty of peers to spend their time with. Also, the public schools are, without a doubt, excellent.

Final Thoughts

Southern Maryland is a great place to raise a few kids. Especially if you are worried about their education and academic performances, here, they can expand their knowledge and enjoy wonderful student life. On top of that, you are entering into a welcoming community where children can make a lot of friends.

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