PRINCE FREDERICK, Md. – Nov. 25, 2020 – Honoring its commitment to the stewardship of Calvert County’s rich cultural heritage, Calvert County Government continues a project to excavate the historic site of Calverton.

Archaeologists from Applied Archaeology and History Associates, Inc. were in the field in August to continue excavation work begun in 2017. Calvert County Historic Preservation Planner and Archaeologist Kirsti Uunila led the project for the Department of Planning & Zoning prior to her retirement in October.

Laid out on the shore of Battle Creek in the 17th century and built on the site of an earlier Native American settlement, Calverton was the first county seat and the second town in the Maryland colony. The features and artifacts it yields offer a connection to the stories of Native Americans, European settlers, and enslaved African people during this period.

“Calverton is one of the most historically significant sites in Calvert County,” said Department of Planning & Zoning Director Mary Beth Cook. “This project will enhance our understanding of Maryland and American history and will enable the county to mitigate its imminent loss to water and weather.”

“Calvert County supports and encourages the preservation of our heritage and our history to be able to communicate to future generations and also for all of us to understand how we got where we are,” Uunila noted in a short film produced by county staff to document the work done during the summer. “We can use that information to move forward and to become the kind of community that we want to be. Archaeology has a role to play there.”

The Calverton archaeology project is funded by a Maryland Heritage Areas Authority grant. The results of the work will shared through future public programs.

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

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