• Half of the singles would prefer their first date to be a virtual one.
  • The average Maryland single would travel 2.3 hours for a date (thanks to the pandemic).

If there’s one thing the coronavirus has taught us is how to spend extended periods of time on your own, especially if you have been socially distancing without family or a romantic partner. If you’re single, gone are the good old days of going out to bars and nightclubs to meet new people – many of us are now mainly reliant on dating apps to put ourselves out there. Although it has been a lonely few months for many singles across the country, the coronavirus is still very much a reality, especially in high-risk areas. With this in mind, how desperate are single Marylanders to jump back into the dating pool?

Lifestyle website EverydayCarry.com, dedicated to our everyday essentials, surveyed over 3,200 singles to find out exactly that. It was found that many value their health over their heart as 43% of Maryland singletons admit they would definitely not date someone from an area with a high number of Covid cases.

Broken down across the US, it appears a majority of New York singles are most concerned about their health as compared as their hearts, as 93% say they would not date someone from a high-risk area. Comparatively, those in Utah seem to have had a rougher few months with just 29% saying they would avoid dating a partner from a high-risk place.

The average Maryland singleton is happy to spend 2.3 hours traveling to date, and men are even more keen, willing to spend 2.7 hours getting there. 1 in 4 of us would actually travel interstate for a date.

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To find out how singles compare in each state, check out this interactive map
A third of men are open to a long-distance relationship since the pandemic began (compared to just a quarter of women); and 20% of those men would be prepped with an overnight bag and their essential every day carries – phone, wallet, compass, whatever else works – to go on that long-distance date. Although since more bars are shut, another hefty slice of optimistic men (63% compared to 26% of women!) would be happy to have a first date at their date’s home. 

As it stands, nearly half of singles (47%) would actually prefer their first date to take place on a video call, rather than in person.
Proving many are still fairly cautious – understandably – 62% of women say they would require a new partner to get tested for Covid before getting intimate. This was compared to 20% of more relaxed men. Additionally, 1 in 5 singles admits they wouldn’t date someone who previously tested positive for Covid.

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