CBD oil is the most recognizable method of imbibing CBD, but in recent years, people have begun branching out to new and exciting methods of enjoying their CBD.

Alongside CBD vape pens and edibles, users have begun smoking their CBD in the form of a CBD joint. This consumption method might make it look like someone is smoking regular marijuana, thus carrying with it certain risks when it comes to legality, but it is actually a surprisingly effective way of imbibing CBD quickly.

Should new CBD users go straight to smoking CBD joints? Why is it that so many people are starting to use CBD pre-rolls, and what are they in the first place?

How Does Smoking CBD Work & What Are Pre-Rolls?

Smoking CBD is definitely the oldest method of imbibing anything cannabinoid related, as that has always been the traditional way to enjoy cannabis.

However, it isn’t just convenience and tradition that leads people to smoke cannabis; it also has many benefits when it comes to bioavailability.

Bioavailability is the ability of a drug to circulate around the body and induce active effects. If you can find a way to imbibe a substance with a higher rate of bioavailability, you will end up feeling more of its effects.

According to a study by Xu et al., the more common method of taking CBD, tinctures, is an oral method and has a bioavailability of around 8.6%.

However, if CBD is imbibed through smoking, the bioavailability goes up a significant amount, all the way to 31%, according to a separate study by Millar et al.

This means that smoking CBD oil drastically improves CBD’s effectiveness, making it so that users can feel the effects of the CBD much more significantly.

This should mean that every CBD user should only ever imbibe CBD through smoking, right? Or are there any reasons why some people would prefer to stick to CBD oil?

Why Some People Prefer CBD Oils, Despite Their Lower Bioavailability

Despite the fact that smoking CBD offers a much greater bioavailability, there are still plenty of people who prefer to use CBD oil instead.

One of the reasons that some people still use CBD oil is because they are inherently discreet. If someone were to try and smoke CBD, everyone around them would immediately know about it.

This is a big problem in social environments, as not only do smokers have to deal with people who don’t want others smoking around them, but it is also an issue when it comes to legality.

While imbibing CBD is perfectly legal, it can look pretty much identical to regular cannabis smoking when a person chooses to smoke it. This can draw unwanted attention and possibly even put a person at risk of being arrested, despite the fact that they wouldn’t be imbibing any THC whatsoever.

CBD oil, meanwhile, is incredibly discreet, as the user only needs to add a few small droplets into their mouths. Even if people notice them doing it, they won’t think anything of it, nor will it ever be a risk when it comes to legality.

So, for those who need to take CBD while out and about, it can actually be a lot easier and safer to stick to CBD oils.

Some people also have a problem with smoking in general; asthma, bronchitis, and other respiratory issues can make it very dangerous for some people. For those people, trying to smoke CBD can be pretty dangerous.

How to Get Started with Smoking CBD & CBD Pre-Rolls

Getting started with smoking CBD joints can sometimes be a little difficult for those who aren’t used to it. CBD oils are very well known and widely sold, but CBD joints are not as frequently offered online.

New users should stick to places that offer CBD joints for sale alongside trustworthy lab reports when it comes to buying CBD joints. Websites like Premium Jane not only offer high-quality CBD products in general but also the information necessary to get started with smoking CBD joints.

It is also essential to make sure that users are only buying from trustworthy retailers because shipping and consuming products that look a lot like regular cannabis can sometimes feel very dangerous.

Sticking to places like Premium Jane not only gives the user confidence that what they are getting is high quality, but also that they will be completely safe while enjoying it. 

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