LEONARDTOWN, MD – A major winter storm is set to affect the State of Maryland Wednesday and Thursday, Dec. 16 & 17. Many areas from western Virginia to southern New England are expected to see heavy snowfall.

St. Mary’s County is forecast to see mostly rain from this weather event. However, the rain/snow line could change over the next 24 hours. The Department of Emergency Services urges citizens to be prepared and continue to monitor the weather forecast.

Appropriate preparations include “Make a Plan, Build a Kit and Be Informed.” The plan should include agreed-upon ways to communicate with family members in the event of an emergency.

When building an emergency kit, remember to include batteries, bottled water, medications, and other essential items. To stay informed, tune into local radio and television broadcasts. In advance of a storm, residents can sign up to receive emergency notifications through the county government CodeRed Emergency Alert System.

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