Governor Hogan announced another $180 million in state emergency economic relief to help those families and small businesses that are being hit the hardest during the COVID-19 pandemic. With these actions, the state has now provided well over $600 million in emergency economic relief, and the governor pledged to seek a larger economic and stimulus package during the upcoming legislative session.

“When the legislature returns to work next month for the 2021 session, we will also be proposing a larger economic and stimulus relief package, which will provide further support for our struggling families and small businesses,” the governor said.

  • $50 MILLION FOR HOTELS AND HOSPITALITY BUSINESSES. The governor announced that the State of Maryland is providing $50 million from its dedicated emergency rapid response fund to help hotels and hospitality businesses across the state. This funding will be distributed by local jurisdictions to go toward payroll expenses, rent, and utilities in order to keep operations going while travel is restricted.
  • $30 MILLION IN ADDITIONAL RELIEF FOR BARS AND RESTAURANTS. The governor announced another $30 million to replenish the state’s successful relief program for bars and restaurants, which will now total $80 million. Local jurisdictions are encouraged to distribute this money quickly and to match this investment where possible.
  • $15 MILLION IN ADDITIONAL RELIEF FOR ENTERTAINMENT VENUES. The governor announced another $15 million in assistance to entertainment venues through the state’s successful Main Street program at the Maryland Department of Housing, which will now total $35 million.
  • $5 MILLION FOR RURAL BUSINESSES. As part of a new relief initiative, the governor announced $5 million to help socially or economically disadvantaged tech-based businesses in the state’s rural counties. 
  • $40 MILLION TO BOOST THE TEMPORARY CASH ASSISTANCE BENEFIT. The governor announced $40 million to provide a $100 boost to the Temporary Cash Assistance (TCA) benefit for each of the next six months. This will help more than 66,000 Maryland families that are struggling to make ends meet.
  • $40 MILLION FOR HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS. The governor announced $40 million for health care providers by beginning their 4% increase on January 1, six months ahead of schedule. 

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