Now that vaccinations have started rolling out throughout the States, a central concern for people is making it to their appointment safely. As the virus is still very much a real and transmissible factor, minimizing this risk may be at the forefront of many peoples’ minds while en route to their vaccine venue.

Quantrell Subaru conducted a snap poll of 2,700 Americans aged 18 and above, to find out their preference when it comes to vaccination locations.In Maryland, nearly two thirdsofresidents (62%) would rather have a drive-throughvaccine appointment, than a walk-in one.

Arriving in a car and being allowed to remain inside while receiving your dosage, means the driver and passengers can remain socially distant from others, particularly if there is a long line of those waiting for their turn. This may also allow people to arrive on their own terms, which could be helpful for those struggling with anxiety about being in public spaces due to the increased risk of viral transmission.

Additionally, if the weather is dull, a car offers instant warmth and shelter from the elements!

Maryland’sfindings are somewhat on par with the rest of the U.S., as nationally, it was found that a majority (55%) would also prefer drive-throughvaccinations, as opposed to the 45% who would opt for a traditional walk-in appointment if given the choice.

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Interestingly, however, the data shows that busier urban centers, such as the DC metro area, favor walk-in vaccination sites. Perhaps this could be to fit into their busy workday schedules, in between meetings and presentations. Or maybe it’s because taking public transport is more straightforward in these areas – and potentially quicker – than having to deal with heavy traffic. Either way, if it brings us one step closer to conquering the coronavirus, it can only be a good thing…

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