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Alex Smith gave football his all. After a 16-year tenure with three teams, he’s decided to call it a career and spend more time with his family. “A decision like this, certainly it comes over time,” Smith said on ESPN Monday.

He explained his decision came to him while on the side of a mountain on a snowboarding trip with this children and his father sometime after his horrifying injury.

Smith broke his leg on a routine play during a game against the Houston Texans back in 2018 and made headlines last season when he took the field again with the Washington Football Team for the first time since then.

“I couldn’t sleep the night before, I was nervous, excited and wondering if my leg would hold up,” Smith detailed of the snowboarding trip. “To go out there and to be on the mountain with my kids and my dad was amazing… I felt like I built up a lot of walls throughout this recovery process and there’s more walls out there left to take down and I look forward to doing that as a father and a husband.”

Smith this offseason had considered joining his former Utah coach Urban Meyer, now the head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars, the team expected to draft top prospect Trevor Lawrence, as the veteran QB to mentor Lawrence next season.

He ultimately decided it was his time to step away from the game.

“Two years ago I was stuck in a wheelchair, staring down at my mangled leg wondering if I would ever be able to go on a walk with my wife again or play games with my kids in the yard,” Smith said in a video announcing his retirement on an Instagram page he created Monday. “Putting my helmet back on was the farthest thing from my mind. I just kept asking myself, ‘All this for a stupid game?’

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