Calvert County Sheriff Mike Evans along with Major T.D. Reece of the Calvert County Detention Center and members of their command staff honored 116 award recipients at a private ceremony on April 27, 2021, in Huntingtown, MD.

Honorees were recognized for excellence in law enforcement, lifesaving awards, and outstanding and exemplary performance. The Calvert County Sheriff’s Office Honor Guard presented colors, Chaplain Dave Mohler delivered the invocation, following a moment of silence honoring the service of late Deputy First Class William “Wes” Beisel.

Sheriff Evans congratulated all that received awards and thanked them for going above and beyond the call of duty and for keeping our community safe.

The following honorees were awarded:

Road Deputy of the Year Awarded by the Maryland State’s Attorney Office
Deputy Wyatt McDowell

Detective of the Year Awarded by the Maryland State’s Attorney Office
Detective Cpl. Bill Rector

Calvert County Detention Center Certification of Appreciation
Cpl. Christopher Gray
Cpl. Cordell Jones
MDC Caroline Briscoe
SCD Dayania Carroll
SCD David Unkle
CDFC Michael Lanier
CD Katherine Lavorgna
CD Devin Preston

Sheriff’s Office Excellence in Law Enforcement
Senior Deputy Michael Mudd
Cpl. Stephen Moran & K-9 Kano
Det. Josh Buck
Det. Edward Yates
Master Deputy James Flynt

Top Gun Award- Special Operations Team
DFC Ryan Evans

Top Gun Award- Detention Center
Cpl. Christopher Gray

Detention Center Certificate of Commendation
MCD Shawn Brooks
MCD Stephen Hance
CDFC Anthony Marinelli
CD Cory Mister
CD John Windsor

Sheriff’s Office Outstanding Performance
Cpl. Mark Robshaw
DFC William Freeland
DFC Kamrhen Parks
DFC Shane Naughton
DFC Robert Shrawder
Deputy Howard Anderson, Jr.
Deputy Anthony Aranda
Deputy Wyatt McDowell
Deputy Herschel Wilder, III

CCSO Patrol Squad of the Year- Squad 1
Sgt. Jeffrey Denton, Jr.
Sgt. John McCarroll
Cpl. Mark Robshaw
Cpl. David Jacobs, Jr.
Master Deputy Christopher Childress
DFC Ryan Evans
DFC Galen Gott
DFC Andrew Ostazeski
DFC Timothy Rzepkowski
Deputy Drew Durnbaugh
Deputy Wyatt McDowell
Deputy Nicholas Savick
Deputy Brady Wilson
SCO Rona Hayes

Detention Center- Exemplary Performance
Cpl. John Hotchkiss
SCD Ross Montgomery
CDFC John Ashley
CDFC Kiana Brooks
CDFC Erik Snyder
CD Ryan Jones
CD Bradley Revoir

Detention Center- Meritorious
CDFC David Cook
CD Tyler Bowen
CD Jarrett Turner

Sheriff’s Office Life Saving Award
Deputy Drew Durnbaugh
Deputy Wyatt McDowell
Deputy Nicholas Savick
Deputy Brady Wilson

Sheriff’s Office Unit Citation: K-9 Unit
Sgt. Shawn Morder
Sgt. Gary Shrawder
Sgt. James Morgan
Cpl. Stephen Moran
Cpl. Dave Jacobs, Jr.
Master Deputy Paul Wood
Master Deputy Christopher Childress
Master Deputy Robert Burggraff
DFC Bradley Boerum
DFC Curtis Callison
DFC Branden De Leon-Suero
DFC Christopher Idol
DFC Timothy Rzepkowski

Sheriff’s Office Unit Citation: School Resource Officer Unit
Cpl. Vaughn Johnson, Jr.
Cpl. Glenn Libby
Cpl. Andrew Woodford
Master Deputy Kevin Hall
Senior Deputy Andrew Clas
DFC William Beisel
DFC Derick Clark
DFC Dean Naughton
DFC Ryan Spalding
DFC Marshall Trig
DFC Joseph Ward, Jr.

Sheriff’s Office Unit Citation: Sheriff’s Communication Operator
Jessica Jones
SCO Christopher Hengstenberg
SCO Rona Hays
SCO Joseph Kontra
SCO Thomas Smith
SCO Shannon Luckett

Sheriff’s Office Commendation
Sgt. Gary Shrawder
Sgt. Jeffrey Denton
Cpl. John Harms
DFC Shane Naughton
DFC William Freeland
Deputy Howard Anderson, Jr.
SCO Shannon Luckett
Cpl. Allan Curtin
Master Deputy Pete Aurich
DFC Nicholas Buckler
DFC Thomas Buckler III

Detention Center Civilian of the Year
Donna Grover

Sheriff’s Office Civilian of the Year
Dean Hamilton

Sheriff’s Office Patrol Supervisor of the Year
Cpl. James Morgan

Sheriff’s Office Patrol Supervisor of the Year- Honorable Mention
Cpl. Mark Robshaw
Cpl. John Harms

Detention Center Supervisor of the Year
Sgt. Richard Nauman

Sheriff’s Office Rookie of the Year
Deputy Herschel Wilder III

Sheriff’s Office Rookie of the Year- Honorable Mention
Deputy Howard Anderson, Jr.

Detention Center Rookie of the Year
CD Alexandra Hart

Sheriff’s Office Beach Deputy of the Year
DFC Stephen Bowlan

Detention Center Correctional Deputy of the Year
SCD Robert Scott

Sheriff’s Office Deputy of the Year
DFC Kamrhen Parks

Sheriff’s Office Deputy of the Year- Honorable Mention
DFC William Freeland,  DFC Shane Naughton, DFC Robert Shrawder

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