St. Mary’s City, MD- St. Mary’s College of Maryland is one of the nation’s “Best Value Colleges,” according to The Princeton Review. The education services company profiles and recommends St. Mary’s College as one of the 200 institutions selected for its 2021 listing. More than 650 colleges and universities were evaluated for the list and recommended based on 40 data points covering academics, affordability, and career preparation. Also considered was student survey data.

According to The Princeton Review,all colleges and universities on the list share three exceptional features: stellar academics, affordable cost—either via a comparatively low sticker price or generous financial aid or both, and strong career prospects for graduates.

Students survey data focuses on academics, student body and campus life. According to The Princeton Review, “Students fortunate enough to attend St. Mary’s College of Maryland receive a ‘top tier education’ wherein they have ample ‘opportunity to try new things and explore their interests.’ That extends beyond the applauded ‘research-based curriculum’ to the environment ‘the campus is absolutely gorgeous’—and even the food in the ‘great dining hall.’”

The Princeton Review describes the student body as “‘a range of personality types, from the athletes to dancers to light-saber fighters’ as well as ‘hippie/hipsters, and nerdy academic students.’ Ultimately, when it comes down to it, there ‘seems to be a place for everyone to fit into at St. Mary’s.’”

Regarding campus life, The Princeton Review states, “There’s never a dull moment at St. Mary’s thanks to an ‘extremely active’ campus life (and the potential for getaways to nearby DC). Undergrads have the opportunity to participate in ‘a wide range of clubs from windsurfing to student government to theater and sword fighting.’ Moreover, ‘there are multiple events on campus each week including guest magicians, comedians, and musicians,’ as well as ‘a murder mystery.’”

The Princeton Review’s school profiles and ranking in the “Best Value Colleges” are posted at Princeton School Review College Rankings.

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