Plum Point Middle School Teacher of the Year: Lynda Ciardiello

Plum Point Middle School Teacher of the Year: Lynda Ciardiello

From Principal Sabrina Bergen: Mrs. Ciardiello is a passionate, dedicated math teacher at Plum Point Middle School. She has taught at Plum Point Middle for six years, and this is her twenty-first year in education. Mrs. Ciardiello is a deep thinker, problem solver, and collaborator.

This school year, Mrs. Ciardiello has embraced virtual and hybrid teaching and works tirelessly to create engaging lessons that meet each of her student’s needs. Mrs. Ciardiello truly cares about her students’ education. She takes the time to come into the Internet Café and work with all the students, not just her own.

If you are ever looking for an educator who embodies service through her teacher leadership, look no further than Mrs. Ciardiello. Mrs. Ciardiello works collaboratively with the math department, the school’s Instructional Leadership Team, and her grade-level team to find creative solutions to whatever problems we are investigating.

Mrs. Ciardiello has established a great rapport with her students; she seeks to understand deeper struggles that a student may be going through and is always there to be the warm supporter that they need. The positive impact she has on the students at our school is due to her caring spirit and love of teaching. Mrs. Ciardiello pours her heart and soul into everything she does, and her commitment to Plum Point Middle and her students’ success is unparalleled.

Plum Point Middle School is thrilled to congratulate Mrs. Ciardiello as the Plum Point Middle Teacher of the Year.

Plum Point Middle School Educational Support Professional of the Year: Lori Procopio

Plum Point Middle School Educational Support Professional of the Year: Lori Procopio

From Principal Sabrina Bergen: Plum Point Middle is proud to announce Lori Procopio, our In-School Intervention Coordinator, as our Educational Support Professional of the Year.

Mrs. Procopio has worked at Plum Point Middle for 19 years. Mrs. Procopio has a big heart and goes above and beyond her daily duties. This year she has spearheaded our school’s Internet Café. From the beginning, she has taken full ownership of the café and created systems to enhance student success.

She checks HAC each week to keep her students on track, and she has even developed individual awards and incentive programs for specific students who require extra support. She arrives early each day to make sure she is ready; everything is set up and snacks are stocked for the Internet Café. Teaching and encouraging these students is not just a job—it is a passion, a true calling for Mrs. Procopio.

Rain or shine, Mrs. Procopio also takes a lead on our daily bus pickup and drop-off. Yes, she does it all. No matter the need, Mrs. Procopio is quick to assist students and staff.

As our unofficial hospitality director, Lori is our go-to person anytime we need to recognize or celebrate our staff. This time it is her turn! Lori exemplifies everything that is great at Plum Point Middle.

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