Our Spotlight on the Arts is shining brightly on local musician Alex Bizzarro!

Alex Bizzarro released his debut album, Show Me Grow Me, in October 2020 and it’s now available on all major streaming platforms, as well as CD and limited edition vinyl. He plays every single instrument on each and every track — a captivating and colorful mix of guitar, percussion, vintage synthesizers, MPC drum machine, vocals, and more. Not only has he seamlessly blended each of these different art forms together, but also written, produced, and mastered the album in its entirety!

We have had the pleasure to know Bizzarro as one of our area’s multi-talented and extremely diverse musical artists. On any given weekend (pre-COVID-19), we could catch him in concert with the Latrice Carr Music Group, the Higher Standards duo or trio (with Ambus Hunter and Frank Smith), and a solo performance or two tucked in between. As live music makes a comeback on local stages, we are very excited to see his new performance dates released for 2021.

Bizzarro’s artistic interests stretch all the way back to 4th grade when he played the clarinet for his elementary school band; since then, his creative journey has always involved music in many different shapes and forms. His early band experiences not only helped him build a solid foundation, but also taught him the basics of reading music. He picked up the guitar for the first time shortly before high school. Years later, the guitar remains his main interest — although he enjoys switching things up by playing drums, bass, and piano as well.

Bizzarro studied as a music major in college and earned his degree in Jazz Studies from Rowan University, NJ. He vividly recalls every single lesson of his formal studies and has carried them across a career of 10+ years in the music industry. It’s been quite an extraordinary adventure, albeit a challenging one in the wake of a global pandemic, and he can’t wait to get back to the daily grind.

Logging hours and hours of studio sessions, working as a guitar instructor, and performing live throughout Southern Maryland (and beyond) with many different artists has helped Bizzarro grow and expand his horizons. Every gig has been a unique adventure in its own way and two decades later he is still just as captivated by music as he was back in the days of grade school clarinet and band practices.

Past influences in his life have been a diverse assortment of stars of many different genres including Prince, J Dilla, John Coltrane, and Danny Gatton. Step inside of Bizzarro’s home and you will be greeted by a life-long collection of record albums. Each LP has spoken to him in a different way, sharing new ideas and additions to his repertoire of interests and influences.

Bizzarro had a difficult time coming up with one single label when asked what he would consider his musical style to be recognized as. With a formal jazz and classical training background, a love for hip hop and funk, and deep seated roots in blues and rock, we have simply concluded that his many pieces of a whole meld together to form a category all its own. One of Bizzarro’s many talents is the ability to seamlessly mix nostalgic sounds of times past with both contemporary pieces as well as classics, often resulting in an experimental sound unique to that of our artist.

Outside of music, Bizzarro spends much of his free time cycling and exploring the rich beauty of Southern Maryland from the surrounding trails and roadways. A whole different perspective is gained from time spent traveling on two wheels. Not only is it a great source of exercise, but also an up-close way to get in touch with nature and admire what we often overlook in our immediate surroundings. “The bike community is filled with some of the kindest people around. Shout out to Solomons Island Cycling!” Bizzarro may also be found a couple times a week playing roller hockey at the popular Leonard Hall location.

Thank you Alex for being a valued part of our artistic community, we are very much looking forward to your upcoming performances and next album!

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 “As a musician, everyone and everything in life is an inspiration for your art in a way — from family and friends to nature and, of course, other musicians past and present.” ~ Alex Bizzarro

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