Prince George’s County has one of the highest rates of crashes in the state, and just one road, the Indian Head Highway, has seen over 300 road accidents every year during the past five years. Reducing the number of road traffic fatalities and injuries throughout the state is a priority, and in addition to current safety initiatives, grant applications are also being accepted for further safety programs to reduce injuries and deaths. As well as drivers and passengers, some of the most vulnerable groups on the road are cyclists and pedestrians. As part of Maryland’s attempts to reach its goal of zero deaths and injuries from traffic accidents, local organizations are advocating greater safety and tolerance for all road users.

Preventative Measures To Avoid Serious Injury

One of the best ways to reduce the number and severity of road traffic injuries is the use of simple safety devices and protective gear. For drivers and passengers, this means following the enforcement initiative implemented by Maryland Transportation Authority Police to buckle up on every journey. And while cyclists under the age of 16 are required by law to wear a helmet, all riders should be encouraged to use one. Damage to the brain and spine caused by not wearing a helmet or forgetting to buckle up in the car can be life-changing. After an accident, a spinal injury attorney can help to file a case within Maryland’s state laws and regulations. If liability can be proved, then compensation can help to cover the cost of treating lifelong medical requirements and alleviate some of the emotional trauma. However, to avoid these devastating injuries occurring in the first place, safety campaigns continue to remind all road users to take simple but effective preventative measures.

Safety Advice For Cyclists

As well as ensuring the wearing of helmets, The Maryland Highway Safety Office shares reminders to cyclists to follow the rules of the road, wear reflective clothing, and use lights at night in order to protect themselves. In addition to encouraging cyclists to stay safe on the roads, cycling advocates in Anne Arundel County have worked together with the Department of Recreation and Parks to update safety advice for using cycle trails and bike paths now that more people are getting out and about.

Accidents Involving Pedestrians

Every year in Maryland, there are 3,000 incidents involving drivers and pedestrians, and of these, 85 percent cause an injury or fatality. While many of these injuries are caused by inattentive or reckless driving, pedestrians can also be distracted by looking down at a cell phone or listening to loud music through headphones. Maryland’s pedestrian safety campaigns remind people on foot to Look Up, Look Out, and Stay Alert, while encouraging all road users to share statistics, graphics and other downloadable resources to improve safety awareness.

Drivers, cyclists and pedestrians continue to be injured on the roads of Southern Maryland. Safety initiatives and campaigns serve to remind all road users of simple steps they can take to keep themselves safe and reduce the risk of accidents and injury. 

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