PATUXENT RIVER NAVAL AIR STATION, MD – NAS Patuxent River will temporarily close its base commissary beginning 5 p.m. May 20, 2021 for pest control measures.

“We’re committed to offering our customers the highest quality of service through our commissary system, and Pax River is no different,” said Emmanuel De Leon, NAS Patuxent River commissary officer. “To that end, we’ll be suspending commissary operations to address pest control and reopen as quickly as possible so we can continue that level of service our customers expect. Officials from the Defense Commissary Agency and the Navy’s Public Health system are working diligently to resolve the issue to allow the commissary to reopen as soon as possible.”

NAS Patuxent River’s Navy Exchange will remain open with no break in service.

“We appreciate the patience of our commissary’s customers while we address this issue,” said Capt. John Brabazon, NAS Patuxent River commanding officer. “Health and safety is paramount to our mission, and we want to ensure it in every aspect of operations.”

The commissary was inspected and it was determined that there is evidence of a rodents. As always, you should wash your fresh produce thoroughly and examine all package seals. While there are no indications that any food is at risk, if commissary patrons choose to return products for a refund, they may do so once the commissary reopens.

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