“That’s the funny thing, when I was a kid I was going to get out of here as quick as I could get out of here! My goal was to live on a warm beach somewhere someday. But the reality is my kids are here, my grandkids are here. This county has been good to me and I just want to do whatever I can do to make it a great place for everybody to be.

My dad was in the Air Force so I was born in Louisiana. I moved up here when I was about nine months old. So yeah I guess I’ve been here a little bit. I won’t tell you how long is a bit!

I grew up in Lusby, a little town called Olivet, and funny story, we had moved back to be with my dad, so I still live in the house I grew up in! I married my childhood sweetheart. And we’ve been married for it’ll be 31 years in May. And we have three kids, all girls! We wouldn’t have it any other way.

This is where I’m from and I love it here and it’s given me a lot, it’s been good to me. My husband works at the power plant, and I work at a local bank, It’s been really good for us.

In my present job with the Community Bank of the Chesapeake, I’m a Senior Vice President and the Manager for Business Development.

I’ve just loved it, I feel like it helps people realize their dreams. We help them with their business dreams, their dreams of owning a home, and we walk down the path together to do it.

It’s a place where people can come grab a cup of coffee, sit down and talk with us. You can get us on the phone, you don’t have to go through any phone tree. And it’s people you know, people who have grown up here and know the community. Our decisions are made here. It’s very community-connected.

And what I love the most about my job, Is that they allow me the freedom to give back to the community. It’s not something they make us do, they encourage us to find something that we love and participate in it. Because we’re nothing if we don’t give back.

I have served on the Calvert Mediation board and I have taken on to head up, organize and grow a philanthropy council for Hospice. I am on the Calvert County School Foundation, the First Chair of the Calvert County Chamber of Commerce, and the Rotary Club of Prince Frederick.

It did not take me long to fall in love with members of the Prince Frederick Rotary and their mission. Rotary’s motto is service above self. And I think all the members have always done that. They’ve given, they’ve given generously.

I firmly believe that God put us on this earth to serve one another. And if you have the ability to help somebody, then you should do it. And I do.

So I am so excited about what we’re doing! On June 5th we’re going to have this exciting motorcycle and jeep ride all through Southern Maryland. It’s a poker run and in the afternoon/evening, we end at The Rod ‘N’ Reel for a fun night….beach party, live bands, raffles… it’s going to be an awesome fun day! To ride and go back there and eat and dance and make money for the scholarships for these kids! I cannot wait!

These scholarships are different. They help the kids cover fees for their career and technology certifications. Something that is going to give them a career may be the difference in whether they’re homeless or not. This could be the difference that they hit the ground running right after high school. They can find jobs, and their jobs can give them scholarships for more education.

Let’s face it, there’s a lot of people who don’t have $500 for their kid to take a test. Because $500 means to feed them. So if we could do that, I just see that moving the needle so far. And it’s more than I ever imagined we would be able to do. It’s going to help so many.

I can’t imagine sitting still. I’ll always look for something that feeds my soul and helps me give back. I just enjoy Calvert County and the people in it And I wish everybody success.”

Rotary Ride Poker Run – 4-hour scenic ride – country roads of Southern Maryland! Live band, raffles, private beach party at Rod ‘N’ Reel!

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