Meet the one, the only June Bug!

June Bug is a huge sweetheart that comes in a tiny package. At just 35lbs, she is what you may call a pocket pittie!

June Bug is a favorite among shelter staff. She arrived to the shelter in February and is coming up on 100 days at the shelter.

We can only imagine what this little girl has been through, so she can understandably be a bit shy with new people. Once she gets to know you, she is an absolute love bug (Hence her name)! She is very sweet and polite about her food and does well on the leash. We have introduced her to other dogs, and she has done well every time.

She was even very tolerable around our boisterous, fellow pitty, Quincey. June Bug loves everyone and carries her toys around with pride. When she gets out into the play yard, she loves to tuck her butt and show us how fast she can go.

Such a cutie, she is a tiny ball of joy. We would be delighted to see her get sprung from the shelter (although she will be missed)! If you can help this sweet girl, please schedule an appointment by contact Tri County Animal Shelter below:


Tri County Animal Shelter

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