June 3, 2021 (Chesapeake Beach, MD)– During the May 20, 2021, Town Council meeting, the Town Council passed Resolution R-21-5 maintaining Bayfront Parks closure to the general public.

Access to Bayfront Park is restricted to the Town of Chesapeake Beach municipal residents and their guests. Residents must always accompany their guests in order for their guests to access the beach. Resolution R-21-5 also provides park access to the North Beach Volunteer Fire Department and the Twin Beach Deputies, in recognition of our first responders.

The Town reminds citizens that the cliff areas remain closed to all. Residents accessing the beach must adhere to the signage in place that restricts access to these areas. Using the Town property to access these restricted areas are considered trespassing.

During the February 21, 2020, Town Council meeting, Alfred Jeffrey, Deputy Director of Public Safety for Calvert County, termed the danger as being “buried dead” stating that, “20 tons of sand coming down from 70 feet will result in a 100% fatal accident. You cannot tell when the cliffs are going to collapse.” To view the full presentation click here.

North Beach Volunteer Fire Department Chief Chris Mills emphasized Deputy Director Jeffery’s comments adding, “The cliffs are very unstable and regularly break away without warning. To say they are a death trap is an understatement. We implore everyone, residents and visitors alike, to respect the power of nature and stay away from the cliffs.”

Please enjoy the Beach safely and take our first responders’ lives, and valuable time, into consideration.

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