Email is the leading channel for business communication, but sometimes it is not enough. Often, you will need to make a phone call, especially if you want to make a business pitch and need to establish more personal contact. And, since the latest business stats prove that over half of businesses struggle with human resources, making a job offer over a phone is not such a bad idea either.

The trick is that finding your prospects’ phone numbers is not always easy. Most people publish their email addresses on social media, but they refuse to disclose their phone numbers. Here, we’ll show you how to find someone’s phone number based on their name and get more comprehensive information on your prospects.

There are a host of excellent phone-number-finding tools. Below, you have the most effective ones, along with a quick guide on how to use them. You may be familiar with several of these services, of course. But here are some tools you might not have heard of yet:


UpLead gives you a 95% data quality guarantee, which is very impressive. But you should be certain that you won’t be wasting your time calling numbers that remain unavailable. With UpLead, you can be certain that you will receive data at least 95% of the time. This data is checked for validity using a robust methodology. The system just keeps the details it is given. After it has obtained the info, it uses machine learning, together with rule-based learning and some proprietary algorithms to verify and correct the info. To check if your leads’ contact details are up to date, your software downloads their data in real-time. When the sales cycle demands growth, you will be able to keep adding leads to your system without having to think about data quality.


ZabaSearch is a free public communication database of users’ contact. Simply entering the lead’s name and location or phone number does the trick (in this last-mentioned case, to perform a reverse lookup). It will show you people who are most likely to suit your criteria as soon as you submit your search request. To learn more about each lead, you can open their profile and see their social network overview, family, and other details relevant to their identity. Additional services are very sluggish and costly, and information quality cannot be guaranteed. Besides, you must be located in the United States to use ZabaSearch.


You don’t have to be a police officer or a registered private investigator to use SpyDialer. Licensed private investigator and best-selling author Robert Scott specializes in identifying phone numbers for you, which is why he created this tool. Looking up people’s phone numbers using SpyDialer has skyrocketed in popularity due to his and his dedicated team of specialists posts. If you start using SpyDialer, you will be given three different choices for searching someone’s phone number: by name, address, or even email. You may use it to find the phone number owner, then reverse-search it to locate the phone.


To discover who’s behind unexplained calls or emails, you can use the “Reverse Phone Lookup” in “BeenVerified,” which locates public databases containing personal and business phone numbers. Additional details might include a general position, email, age, social networking accounts, and even relatives. BeenVerified gives you fascinating free services besides reverse phone number scans. Another key feature of this service is the ability to find someone’s phone number by their name and address, which is provided by several other services. If you are curious about a username or vehicle identification number (VIN), you can also use usernames and VINs to search BeenVerified.


Lusha is one of the leading prospect-finding tools. With this service, you can easily look up phone numbers, emails, links to your prospects’ social media accounts, and many more. Lusha guarantees a high accuracy rate and can be integrated with your CRM. Besides, it has an extension that supports social search on LinkedIn and Twitter. All in all, this is a reliable tool that offers the first five searches for free. After that, you will need to pay, and the price does get a bit steep — $149 for 300 searches.


If Lusha pricing is too much, you can try a top-notch Lusha alternative that offers more features for a lower cost. Plus, similar to Lusha, SignalHire offers five searches for free. But, you can always upgrade for more. The SignalHire Browser Extension for Chrome and Firefox lets you find out basic contact details, such as emails, phone numbers, and social media accounts. It can be seamlessly integrated with LinkedIn, GitHub, Twitter, and Facebook, which means that you will not need to switch tabs to pull contact information on any user profile from these networks. The web version of the service also supports bulk search and CRM integration.

Is the Phone Number Valid?

To figure out whether a phone number is correct, you just have to talk to the person who has that phone number. You’ll get a voicemail if the number has expired. But if you have several phone numbers, what then? By using a phone validator, you would not be losing time by calling either of those numbers. Though it may become an additional expense, a validator checks any phone number you have using public and proprietary databases, and it gives you details on the phone numbers that are most important to you. Call validators may be very useful when you need to run a large number of phone numbers through them to identify false or incorrect numbers, or when you need to wipe off certain numbers from your list

Personal phone numbers can be found electronically these days thanks to useful online resources. If your target list is small, the above strategies will help you locate company phone numbers. Large organizations with global footprints will use the above resources to track down a phone number and start building an effective business relationship.

Finally, if you can’t locate your prospect’s contact information, you should try sending them a message on social media. Just make sure you describe who you are and why you reach out. And, of course, there is always a good old email that is usually made public on social media and corporate websites.

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