Do you have used equipment that you want to sell? If so, there are some easy ways to get the most value from it. Check out the following tips so you can achieve the best price.

Do Research

The condition and age of your equipment will make a difference in its value. To get an idea of how much your machinery is worth in different types of conditions, do some online research. Look at how much similar items for sale are priced at and review recent auction results. Once you have a ballpark idea of how much your specific equipment is worth, you can look at other ways of upping its value.

Consider Spending Money on Repairs, Replacements, and Upgrades

Whatever the age and condition of your equipment, you can increase the value of it by replacing or repairing parts. But you will need to calculate whether it is worth your effort. Look at how much the repair will cost and how much you will be able to sell your equipment for once the repair has been made. It could work out that by doing repairs or replacing parts, your machine could be worth several times the amount it would be worth without making the improvement. So, whether you want to sell your used plastic equipment or CNC milling machinery, work out whether it makes financial sense to spend money on improvements or upgrades to get the best price for your equipment.

Ensure Your Equipment Is Well Maintained

If you have equipment that you are not ready to sell yet but intend to sell in the future, you can ensure you get the best price later down the line by simply ensuring your machinery is well maintained. Also, when you make sure all of your equipment is always in excellent condition, you can gain a reputation for having superb used equipment when it comes time to sell, and you will therefore be able to much more easily find buyers.

Keep a Service Log

Buyers will expect the equipment they purchase to come with full-service history and any other relevant documentation. So, always keep your equipment’s service history up to date. Buyers can then understand the machine’s true condition and worth. If you do not have service records, a buyer may assume that repairs are required even when the machine is actually in superb working order.

Clean and Touch Up

Doing things like repairs helps to ensure your equipment is in excellent working order. But the aesthetics of the machine matter too. The cleaner and newer your equipment look, the more attractive it will be to prospective buyers. So, clean your equipment well and do any paint touch-ups as required to improve its appearance and value. Do not go overboard because if you do too much it could look like you are trying to make the equipment look newer than it is; giving concern to would-be-buyers. The important thing is to keep the equipment clean and to only do touch-ups where required.

Take Excellent Photographs and Videos

Whether you market your used equipment with an auction house or an online vendor or attempt to sell the machinery directly, most interested buyers will view your equipment for the first time online. Indeed, many buyers will not be able to inspect your machinery in person at all and will make their decisions based on the online details. So, the more professional and detailed your online listing is, the more interest your equipment will gain. Write a full description and take detailed photographs from various angles. If you can provide a video as well, you will further increase your chances of selling the equipment for a higher value.

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  1. It’s good that you mentioned that keeping the equipment well-maintained can ensure that we get the best price later down the line when it’s time to sell it. I manage a printing company, and I was thinking of selling our old machines since we’re buying new ones soon. I’ll be sure to remember this while I look for an appraisal service to hire for our machinery valuations soon before we sell them.

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