Harley has spent over ONE YEAR in the shelter and is ready to spend his days in a loving home, sleeping in a comfy bed, having a yard to wander in, and relaxing in a peaceful home.

163267 – Sheriff Harley is a black and brown male German Shepherd Dog, Rottweiler, and Lab mix. He is approximately 6 years old. He weighs about 74.3 lbs. He has been neutered.

Harley’s big, brown, soulful, eyes say it all? But he knows his days are about to get brighter! You see, Harley has been living at the shelter for over 340 days, waiting for his case to be heard in court. St. Mary’s County Animal Control Services was able to step in when his previous owners were not caring for him properly.

He is now ready to move on in his life and find his next family that will not only treat him right but also makes him feel like part of the family.

Harley is an easy-going 6-year-old who has successfully lived with other dogs but likes his own space! He expects other dogs to respect his personal space, so we recommend a meet and greet with potential dog siblings.

Cats on the other hand are a different story. Cats, in his mind, are for chasing, so a cat-free home would be ideal. He is said to be good with children.

Being an older gentleman Harley would covet a home with limited vertical surfaces, such as stairs. He loves lounging outside in a fenced yard in the grass, watching the bees buzz, and listening to the birds sing. If you are in the market for a royal gentleman with who you can have long conversations, Harley is your man. Email animalshelter@charlescountymd.gov to schedule an appointment.

Please reach out to the shelter if you’re interested in scheduling an appointment to meet him, email animalshelter@charlescountymd.gov today!

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