BALTIMORE, MD – (July 19, 2021) – In support of its mission to support educational equity and excellence for all students, the Maryland State Department of Education will invest $5 million in federal grant funds to enhance outcomes for students with disabilities. With a newly awarded State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG) by the U.S. Department of Education, MSDE will assemble a team of national experts, university faculty, and State partners to improve math achievement and social-emotional outcomes for elementary-aged students with disabilities.

MSDE’s Division of Early Intervention and Special Education Services (DEI/SES) Office of Special Education Programs will receive nearly $1.1 million in the first year of the grant with an anticipated $5 million over a five-year period.  With this funding, MSDE will develop personnel preparation and professional learning strategies that enhance school instruction for elementary students with disabilities.

“The University-State-Local partnership developed through this grant will provide a model for enhanced, more effective special education instruction in Maryland,” said State Superintendent of Schools Mohammed Choudhury. “With improved preparation and development of our special education professionals, we will provide a stronger and more meaningful learning experience for our elementary school children with disabilities – critical to our overall goal of ensuring success for all our students.”

MSDE’s Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) is dedicated to improving results for infants, toddlers, children, and youth with disabilities ages birth through 21 by providing leadership and financial support to assist states and local districts. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 2004 (IDEA) authorizes formula grants to states and discretionary grants to institutions of higher education and other non-profit organizations to support research, demonstrations, technology, and personnel development, and parent training and information centers.

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