The St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office Corrections Division was awarded on Tuesday by the Commissioners of St. Mary’s County for its outstanding work performed during the COVID-19 response in 2020.

Employees of the Sheriff’s Office continued working for the safety of the community during the pandemic, often at great personal risk. Daily operations were maintained and officers stepped up efforts to support the community and were supported by staff who quickly instituted safety protocols and new ways of doing business. 

Mary Ann Thompson, Deputy Warden, and Commissioner President Randy Guy

Mary Ann Thompson, Civilian Deputy Warden of the St. Mary’s County Detention and Rehabilitation Center, was nominated twice by her peers. Throughout 2020 and into 2021, Thompson coordinated with St. Mary’s County Health Department staff and detention center medical staff to schedule and administer COVID-19 testing and vaccinations for staff and inmates in the pursuit of controlling the spread of the virus.

Cpl. Brian Gillingham and Commissioner President Guy

Cpl. Gillingham was awarded for his work to keep the commissary functions for inmates running smoothly during the COVID-19 response.  

CFC Dale Wade and Commissioner President Guy

CFC Wade was awarded for his work as the point of contact between the detention center and the St. Mary’s County Health Department to coordinate vaccinations for inmates and staff. CFC Wade helped the process move in a timely manner and showed compassion and integrity to those involved. 

Cpl. Earl Young and Commissioner President Guy

Cpl. Young was awarded for his work to ensure the proper functioning of the detention center’s Pre-Trial Unit during the pandemic. His daily routine changed dramatically and he was quick to adjust and adopt to new policies into his daily routine. 

Planning and Scheduling Officer William Baker and Commissioner President Guy

Planning and Scheduling Officer Baker and CO Saraha Norris (not pictured) were awarded for their work to ensure that the detention center remained cleaned and disinfected. Norris and Baker researched and ordered a mask disinfector, a hospital grade UV light disinfector and other cleaning equipment for the facility. 

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